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IIUSA’s newest tool the EB-5 Investor Markets Data Portal is now available to all IIUSA members! This data portal features comprehensive data on 94 EB-5 investor markets across the globe.  Inside the portal, you will also find IIUSA’s international members and partners,  upcoming industry events and webinars, and market-specific insights from EB-5 experts as well as IIUSA’s extensive library of education resources.. 

This powerful tool will boost your EB-5 business in the global investment immigration marketplace. Begin using the portal today to help drive your business development and fulfill the ultimate mission of the EB-5 Program: job creation and economic development.

EB-5 Investor market data portal overview
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Key Features

EB-5 Investor Markets Data Portal

The EB-5 Investor Markets Data Portal includes a variety of easy-to-use features that bring valuable information, connections, and research to your fingertips.  

1. EB-5 Investment Map

The portal’s global investment map visualizes the amount of EB-5 investment from 94 investor markets across the globe.

Regions with a darker color on the map represent a higher demand for EB-5 visas based on our latest statistics from USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). 

Hover over each EB-5 investor market on the map, you will get the total amount of EB-5 investment raised from this market in fiscal year 2018.

2. EB-5 Investor Markets Leaderboard

The portal also includes a leaderboard highlighting the top 10 EB-5 investor markets in the world based on the latest I-526 filing statistics. 

In addition, the leaderboard also features a list of top 10 EB-5 investor markets with the highest growth rate in recent years, helping you to identify the rising opportunities to raise EB-5 capital investment around the world. 

3. Investor Market Snapshot

You can also select any EB-5 investor market from a list of 94 countries and review a snapshot of market-specific trends including:

  • the number of EB-5 investors since 2008,
  • the amount of EB-5 investment generated from this market, and
  • the number of EB-5 green cards that have been issued to qualified investors and their family members from that country.

4. Historical EB-5 data for 94 investor markets. 

Within only a few clicks, the data portal shows you a full set of country-specific EB-5 data for 94 countries, including: 

  • I-526 filing statistics since 2008;
  • Annual EB-5 capital investment estimates; and 
  • Year-over-year EB-5 visa usage

You can simply select a market of your interest and view the data using the “I-526 Filing Statistics” tab or the “EB-5 Visa Statistics” tab.

5. IIUSA International Network

IIUSA has a rapidly expanding global network of members and partner organizations in all of the key investor markets around the globe. 

Select a specific market, click the “IIUSA Network” tab, the portal will show you IIUSA’s professional network on the ground with their location and contact information.

6. Global Industry Event Calendar

Armed with a data driven understanding of EB-5 investor markets around the globe now it is time to further your business development efforts. The portal is now your one stop shop to learn more about IIUSA in-person (and digital) events around the world.

The portal will also feature all of the association’s partner events and member-exclusive discounts as they become available under the “Upcoming Event” tab.

7. Market-Specific Resources Library and Expert Insights

The portal also allows you to access IIUSA’s rich library on industry research, educational resources, member perspectives, and expert insights on all of the key EB-5 investor markets across the globe. 

Use the “Research & Insight” tab on the portal to access market-specific resources and insights.

Explore the Data Portal Now

Research & Insights

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