IIUSA is the unifying voice for the EB-5 Regional Center industry, representing thousands of diverse stakeholders who contribute to the billions of dollars of economic development and job growth in the United States through EB-5 investment.

Members of IIUSA enjoy state of the art tools, networking and educational events, keen insights into the latest trends in the EB-5 industry!

IIUSA’s track record consists of over a decade of promoting industry education, encouraging ethical market behavior and advocating for the permanent authorization and improvement of the EB-5 Regional Center Program to enhance Regional Center activities.

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What Members Are Saying

There are three key advantages to being a member of IIUSA. The semi-annual Conferences provide members a venue to learn, address industry challenges, and network with other EB-5 professionals. Secondly, IIUSA is an important voice for its members in EB-5 legislative policy development and reform. Finally, there are many useful resources available exclusively to members, including the website, publications, emails, and other tools that can be accessed whenever needed. All these benefits can help contribute to your success in a highly competitive industry.
Our company joined IIUSA a few years ago as a small regional center. Through net- working at IIUSA, I’ve connected with professionals across the EB-5 industry ranging from attorneys to economists to software gurus. These relationships with EB-5 industry experts have helped me to cultivate projects that are creating jobs and make sense for the communities that our company works in. IIUSA is one-of-a-kind when it comes to representing what a trade association can do for members when they work together to help outsiders understand the intricate workings of the EB-5 industry.
I strongly recommend IIUSA to any- one active in the EB-5 industry. IIUSA is not only the leading trade association, but is absolutely essential to networking with regional centers, service providers, and the entire spectrum of professionals associated with the EB-5 industry. Being part of IIUSA has been critical to my EB-5 practice in linking me to the global EB-5 network while providing vital cutting-edge knowledge and information, while leading in the advocacy arena.

Member Benefits


your professional network


your business’s reputation both domestically and overseas


and ahead of the competition


through member-exclusive discounts


your Business at the industry’s premier EB-5 conferences & events


future overseas business partners at international member events


as an IIUSA’s Officer or Director


your voice to support the EB-5 industry


on one of IIUSA’s many committees


your expertise in IIUSA publications, at conferences and on webinars


your business around the world in IIUSA’s trade publication, The Regional Center Business Journal

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IIUSA hosts two large industry conferences annually: the EB-5 Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. in the spring and the EB-5 Industry Forum in the fall in various cities around the country.

Sponsors and exhibitors at IIUSA conferences have the opportunity to display their services to a wide range of EB-5 stakeholders to drive new business. There is no better place to meet new partners and clients than at IIUSA conferences!

IIUSA has a strong presence in the largest international EB-5 investor markets in the world. We offer our members the opportunity to join trade missions to strategically engage with overseas migration agents and investors. IIUSA perennially hosts events in key EB-5 investor markets including China, Vietnam, Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

IIUSA committees play an integral role in the formulation of IIUSA policies and procedures. Committees are tasked with initiatives such as developing industry best practices to providing thoughtful analyses of legislative proposals, to supporting IIUSA’s staff and advisers on efforts ranging from association building to membership growth, and everything in between.

In 2007, IIUSA formed its Best Practices Committee to raise the bar at which the EB-5 Regional Center Program business is conducted and to advocate for professional integrity by Regional Centers and the industry that serves them. IIUSA continuously explores and publishes industry best practices to promote responsible, professional and ethical behavior and reinforce confidence in the EB-5 Program and the EB-5 Regional Center industry among all stakeholders.

Have the strength of the industry’s leading professional advocacy organization representing your business interests in government and public policy formation through IIUSA’s experienced government affairs team. As the nation’s largest and most powerful EB-5 industry trade association, IIUSA is an important partner of Congress, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and other pertinent federal agencies in the development of best practices, providing feedback on policies, regulations, and other practical issues, and ensuring the integrity of the EB-5 Regional Center Program as its utilization grows.

Membership Categories

The following levels of membership dues are good for a 12 month period, starting the date that the application is processed:

Regional Center Membership

$4,000 – For those who are in an ownership and/or executive management position with Federally Designated (Active) EB-5 Regional Center(s) (i.e. approved and in good standing with USCIS).
Introductory Rate: $2,000

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Non-Profit or Government-Owned Regional Center Membership

$3,000 – For those who are in an ownership and/or executive management position with non-profit and/or government-owned Federally Designated (Active) EB-5 Regional Center(s).
Introductory Rate: $1,500

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Service Provider Membership

$2,500 – For all EB-5 related service providers (i.e. attorney, broker/dealer, consultant, developer, economist, financial advisor, overseas intermediary, project manager, or other EB-5 service providers.
Introductory Rate: $1,250

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Introductory Member Program

IIUSA launched the new “Introductory Member Program” in 2019 that enables new members* to join the association at a 50% discounted rate for the first year. As IIUSA is the only EB-5 industry trade association, we know the importance of providing valuable resources, education, and business development opportunities for the industry. With the new introductory pricing, we hope that more EB-5 industry stakeholders will take advantage of all of the various resources that IIUSA has to offer and add their voice to the EB-5 industry community.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to IIUSA at info@iiusa.org

Fill out the online membership application

To become a Member of IIUSA, complete the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. To print and mail a completed application with payment to IIUSA, see the instructions at the bottom of this webpage.

Online Membership Application

Alternatively, you may also print and fill out a membership application form using the hyperlinks below:

Service Provider Membership Application
Non-Profit or Government-Owned Regional Center Membership Application
Regional Center Membership Application

Please submit the completed application with required documentation and payment to info@iiusa.org or the following address:

Invest In the USA (IIUSA)
Attn: Membership
1440 G St., NW.,
Washington, DC 20005

All checks should be made payable to: IIUSA.

*Additional information/documentation must be received within 30 days from the invoice date on your membership payment for your membership account to remain active. All information you provide will be held in confidence by IIUSA and will not be shared to the public.

Membership Referral Program

IIUSA offers a financial incentive to members for successfully referring new members to the association. IIUSA discounts 20% of the new member’s dues off referring member’s dues for the following year. For example, if a Service Provider member referred a new Regional Center member, the Service Provider member would get $800 (20% of Regional Center dues) off membership dues.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to IIUSA at info@iiusa.org