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The majority of EB-5 investments are directed towards targeted employment areas (TEAs): rural or high-unemployment communities that welcome new capital investment intended to strengthen the economic viability and vitality of their community and region. 

Below, we offer a number of useful resources to share information, news, and research related to TEA.

TEA Mapping Tool

This mapping tool considers the revised Targeted Employment Area (TEA) criteria in the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 to identify whether a census track is in a TEA. The tool also provides in-depth data about each census track including unemployment data and geography data. IIUSA is committed to providing accurate information and assuring its data integrity. However, as with any online tool, we are unable to provide absolute assurances. For example, project addresses not recognized by Google Maps may not accurately geolocate on this mapping tool. IIUSA is proud to share this resource, but encourages users to exercise complete due diligence and not rely solely on one resource before making any business decision.

Supporting this Mapping Tool

Since IIUSA launched the first version of the EB-5 TEA mapping tool in December 2020, it attracted an average of 1,520 monthly pageviews from more than 1,900 individual users. You can sponsor this valuable resource to support IIUSA and showcase your company’s leadership in this field.

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Targeted Employment Areas Data

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Latest News & Updates on TEA

IIUSA’s New TEA Map is Updated with the Latest ACS and BLS Data

MOST RECENT ACS 5-YEAR ESTIMATES IIUSA published a free mapping tool in December 2019 to inform EB-5 industry stakeholders of critical regulatory changes related to the targeted employment ...

IIUSA Updates Its TEA Mapping Tool in Accordance with the New EB-5 Regulations

Earlier this week, IIUSA released a critical update to its mapping tool for high-unemployment areas that qualify as targeted employment areas (TEA) in accordance with the amended definition in ...

“TEA Designations – Final Rule Leaves Many Questions and Risks”

by Michael Kester, Economist, ImpactData Source  The final rule for The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Modernization regulation was published by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in ...

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