IIUSA Data Report: EB-5 Processing Times Showed Signs of Improvement in November 2020

Based on the latest statistics published by USCIS, the average processing times for I-526 petitions, I-829 petitions and I-924 applications all exhibit improvement in the last week of November 2020, encouraging news for the EB-5 community.

To better illustrate the recent EB-5 processing times updates, IIUSA prepared this data report with analyses and visualizations for I-526, I-829 and I-924 processing time statistics from December 2017 to November 2020.


As of November 30, 2020:

I-526 processing times: 27.5 – 40.5 months for petitioners from non-backlogged countries. Starting on March 31, 2020, USCIS adopted a new processing approach for I-526 petitions that is based on EB-5 visa availability. I-526 petitioners from non-backlogged countries (all countries except for mainland China) now enjoy a faster adjudication for their I-526 cases and are seeing that their current I-526 processing time dropped to its lowest level since May 2019.

I-526 processing times: 49 – 52.5 months for Chinese petitioners. The higher end of the I-526 processing time for Chinese investors showed a significant decline at the end of November, down from 75 months between August and early November to 52 months with a decrease of more than 30% in the last week of November.

I-829 processing times: 33 – 59 months. The higher end of the current I-829 processing times dropped back to under 60 months after it sharply increased to more than 230 months in the end of October 2020.

I-924 processing times: 52.5 – 56 months. The average I-924 processing times have fluctuated significantly since April 2019. The higher end of the I-924 processing times surged to 119 months in May 2020 but quickly declined to under 31 months in August, while it soon bounced back to over 96 months in September and October. Even with the recent decline in November, the I-924 processing time remains to be highly unpredictable.




All EB-5 processing times information in one place

IIUSA is excited to launch this new interactive data dashboard featuring the current and historical processing times for I-526 petitions, I-829 petitions and I-924 applications.

This free resource, available on IIUSA’s website (https://iiusa.org/eb5_processing_times), saves you time by aggregating pertinent processing time statistics across the USCIS website and displaying them all in one place on this dashboard. In addition, you can also explore the historical trends of the EB-5 processing times on the dashboard with interactive data visualizations.


Add this new interactive EB-5 Processing Times Data Dashboard to your bookmark and stay up-to-date with the key statistics most relevant to EB-5 investors and regional center operators.


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