EB-5 Processing Times Data Dashboard

Using data from USCIS, this dashboard presents the historical and current estimated EB-5 processing times for Form I-526, Form I-829, and Form I-924 cases. You can hover the charts below to view detailed processing times data.

Processing times data are updated every Monday and Thursday. 

Latest News & Analyses


IIUSA Data Report: EB-5 Processing Times Exhibited Different Levels of Decline in November 2020

Based on the latest statistics published by USCIS, the average processing times for I-526 petitions, I-829 petitions and I-924 applications exhibit different levels of decline in the last week of November 2020, encouraging news for the EB-5 community. To better illustrate the recent EB-5 ...

USCIS Updates Processing Time Page to Reflect Visa Availability Approach

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated its processing time pages to reflect the new visa availability approach which the agency moved to on March 31, 2020. The processing time estimated range as of August 24, 2020 was 37 to 73.5 months. You can read IIUSA Member, Robert ...

IIUSA Data Insights: EB-5 Processing Time Ranges Remain Unchanged from Previous Month

IIUSA's latest date report highlights EB-5 processing times through June 2019. The report shows that EB-5 processing time ranges remain unchanged from May 2019 and that processing times remain well above their historical averages. Earlier this year IIUSA submitted a letter to USCIS seeking ...

IIUSA Data Insights: The Sudden and Significant Surge on I-526 Processing Times and In-Depth Analysis on Processing Trends of 3,020 I-526 Cases

Estimated I-526 Processing Times Range The most recent estimated processing time range of I-526 petitions showed a sudden and significant surge from 22-28.5 months in April 2019 to 29-45.5 months in May 2019. Within one month, the estimated processing time of an I-526 petition ...

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