The EB-5 Regional Center Program is working for America, creating U.S. jobs at no cost to the U.S. taxpayer. Economic development professionals, elected officials, and other business and union leaders who have seen the success of the EB-5 program firsthand all agree.

Economic Development Professionals

EB-5 capital is becoming one of the most sought after sources of financing for economic development projects nationally. This form of financing is flexible and can support a variety of projects, making it a reliable source of gap financing for project developers. CDFA members in the economic development finance industry are partnering with regional centers across the country to successfully bring projects to completion, create jobs, and support the economic development and sustainability of their communities.
Toby Rittner, President & CEO, Council of Development Finance Agencies
The Flats East Bank Project was one of the first new, large-scale commercial developments in the City of Cleveland in over a decade, and its construction helped to jump start Cleveland’s renaissance. A key portion of the funding came from Cleveland International Fund and the EB-5 Program — without which the Project would have never been successful.
Tracey Nichols, Director of Economic Development, City of Cleveland
We are excited about the new hotels being built with the help TriCities investment District’s Regional Center arm. In order to continue to attract tourists, both wine-related and business visitors to our area, we are in need of new hotels and conference facilities. We have a “year around” market, so having a new property helps attract more people here.
Gary Bellew, Business and Economic Development Manager, Richland, WA
Given the loss or diminishing funding sources available to local government particularly in the state of California programs, programs such as the EB-5 program serve as a catalyst to encourage investment in communities such as our city. A major project that has seen the benefits of such program is the expansion of the El Centro Town Center which is a commercial shopping area in our city that is generating revenue in our City but more importantly it is creating new jobs which are very important in an area where its unemployment rate is more than 20%.
Marcela Piedra, Director of Economic Development, El Centro, CA
USA Continental Medical Plaza continues to provide quality projects that permit investors to participate in Visa programs that contain a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship in our country. The leadership of this organization is in good standing with the County Office of Foreign Trade, the Economic Development Agency of Riverside County, and our elected leaders on the Board of Supervisors. Continental Medical Plaza is representative of a successful EB-5 project, as it has leased 18,000+ square feet of Medical Clinical space to RadNet, a national leader in diagnostic imaging services in a long term lease. RadNet has invested over $10M in imaging equipment and services, bringing fifty new high paying jobs to date to Murrieta Valley. RadNet plans on continuing to expand as the Continental Medical Plaza will be the hub of operations for Southern California, which will bring additional jobs.
Thomas L. Freeman, Commissioner, EDA-Office of Foreign Trade, County of Riverside, California
Over the last five years, it has been very hard to get traditional financing for tertiary cities like Everett, so we really had to be resourceful in obtaining investment and utilizing EB-5 financing has allowed projects to move ahead. In particular, the Pagoda village project, highlighted by a 60,000 sq. foot food hub, will draw people from all over the Pacific Northwest to our city while providing a vibrant market to local producers where fresh produce can be bought and sold in bulk and cooked and served utilizing a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and twelve service stations. Add to that the development of 220 high end condos as well as a hotel, and we have the recipe for development that will attract and retain high skilled ‘knowledge workers’ to our city.
Lanie McMullin, Executive Director of Economic Development, City of Everett, WA
The EB-5 program is a valuable tool in Arizona’s efforts to attract foreign investment to our state. These investments equate to job creation and help strengthen our statewide economy
Sandra Watson, President and CEO, Arizona Commerce Authority

Elected Officials

The work of FirstPathway Partners to bring EB-5 investments to Milwaukee is a welcome and positive element in this community’s economy. You have successfully connected investors with investment opportunities in a way that benefits our city. We look forward to attracting additional EB-5 investment in Milwaukee.
Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee, WI
The E-B5 program has brought much needed investment to the State of Wisconsin, improving our infrastructure, helping businesses, and most importantly creating jobs.
Former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle
We carefully studied the Regional Center marketplace before launching the City of Dallas Regional Center in partnership with Civitas Capital Group. We’re proud to be recognized as a pioneer for this successful public-private partnership and are utilizing EB-5 capital for job-creating enterprises throughout Dallas. This unique structure allows us to align the city’s economic development priorities with the goals of EB-5 investors.
Mayor Mike Rawlings, Dallas, TX
Fort Worth has always been an All-American city and one of the fastest growing of its size in the U.S. Through our EB-5 financing partnership with the Fort Worth Chamber and Civitas Capital, we will continue to foster a thriving business environment and create jobs while raising the profile of Fort Worth among international investors.
Mayor Betsy Price, Fort Worth, TX
Tri-Cities Investment District’s development of the Horn Rapids Residential Community is an excellent example of a good developer being able to come in, turn around troubled project and make it work for you and your investors as well as the City. The City of Richland welcomes outside investment in our community and works to encourage new development to diversify and strengthen our economy. The hotel and multi-family projects will encourage and support this diversification.
Mayor John Fox, Richland, WA
Here in Washington, we are committed to nurturing new businesses and sustaining established ones through international investment. One way Washington attracts foreign direct investment is through the EB-5 visa program administered by the United States Citizens and Immigration Service (USCIS) and the establishment of ‘Regional Centers’ across the state. Washington State supports the USCIS EB-5 visa program and encourages foreign investors to explore this investment option as they are seeking residence in the United States as part of their investment strategy.
Former Washington Governor Christine Gregoire
We are proud of the Tri-Cities region and the assets it has to offer our residents and visitors. We believe it is a great place for prospective US. EB-5 Visa Investors to invest and build a future for themselves and their families. Washington State’s 8th district welcomes investment in our infrastructure thus creating economic development which leads to quality jobs for our citizens. The EB-5 Visa Program helps both our citizens and foreign nationals achieve their goals and dreams.
Washington State Senator Jerome Delvin, Washington State Representatives Larry Haler and Brad Klippert
I am proud to recognize and support the great commitment from investors around the world that allowed the construction of such great facilities here in Whatcom County. This new community will provide homes for our elders and jobs for the community for years to come.
Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-1)
The EB-5 Program is something we had to have for the future prosperity of Delano. The Program has funded a marketplace with new amenities that have been sorely needed for years. Not only does it put people back to work but also keep professionals living and spending more of their incomes in our community.
Grace Vallejo, Council Member and former Mayor of Delano, TX
USA Continental Regional Center provides high quality projects that allow investors to participate in the Visa programs containing a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship in our country. The leadership of this organization is outstanding and has been instrumental in bringing quality jobs and projects to our area. Renaissance Village in Moreno Valley is a state of the art facility creating jobs in the medical sector along with numerous construction jobs while the Village is under construction. The County of Riverside is proud to partner in a development that not only brings jobs to the area but provides valuable services to our residents.
County Supervisor Marion Ashley, ,Riverside, CA
This project is a state of the art facility designed to bring over three hundred direct and indirect jobs within the medical sector of our economy, while creating numerous construction jobs during its development phase. This is a great investment to the region and I am honored to have this project within the Third District that I serve.
County Supervisor Jeff Stone, Riverside, CA

Business and Union Leaders

Expanded [EB-5 investments] would help us jolt the demand side of our economy. These immigrants would impose minimal social costs on the United States, compared with the resources they would contribute. New citizens like these would make hefty deposits in our economy, not withdrawals.
Sheldon G. Adelson, Chairman and Chief Executive, Las Vegas Sands Corporation;
Warren E. Buffett, Chairman and Chief Executive, Berkshire Hathaway;
Bill Gates, Former Chairman and Chief Executive of Microsoft, Co-Chairman, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The development of Studio 52 Boston was made possible with our partnership with EB-5 Jobs for Massachusetts and their ability to raise investor funds that helped get the project off the ground. The results have been beyond what we ever imagined. The local Allston economy has been jump started by the 300-400 musicians using the facility each week. This has brought thousands dollars and dozens of jobs to area businesses.
Rich Anton, General Manager, Studio 52
The (Flats East Bank) project came along at a time when not a lot was going on in terms of construction and work for electric union workers. During the two years of construction, we had over 100 workers on sight which accounted for over 300,000 hours for our members.
Dennis Meaney, Cleveland Electric Workers Union
The Flats East Bank Project is a catalytic development that not only allows our Region to retain existing companies but also to attract new business and talent to Northeast Ohio. Cleveland International Fund and its EB-5 investment played an important role in making Flats East Bank a success.
Joseph Roman, President & CEO, Greater Cleveland Partnership
In Fort Worth, we deployed the EB-5 program as an alternative way to attract international financial support to advance strategic projects in our city. Foreign capital gives us greater flexibility and opportunities to extend our track record of attracting industry leaders and global companies – in manufacturing, health sciences, aerospace and aviation – to Fort Worth. We’re excited to see what new investment and jobs this platform brings to our dynamic city in the future.
David Berzina, Exec. Vice President/Economic Development Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
In the wake of the financial crisis, it was very difficult to find funding for new commercial real estate projects. Working with Cleveland International Fund to include EB-5 as a critical part of our capital stack allowed us to bring our vision of The Flats East Bank Project to fruition.
Scott Wolstein, Chairman & CEO of Starwood Retail Partners
Dallas has a unique competitive advantage when it comes to attracting EB-5 capital, the city is decidedly business friendly and it is home to a highly talented and energetic workforce.
Ambassador Jim Oberwetter, President and CEO, Dallas Regional Chamber
The Tri-Cities Research district is one of eleven designated Innovation Partnership Zones recognized by the State of Washington. Our goals and objectives are in alignment with the State of Washington’s economic development and energy strategies. We strongly support TCID’s EB-5 investment for our region.
Diahann Howard, Executive Director, Tri-Cities Research District
Economic studies estimate the SLS development will create 8,500 direct or indirect jobs, including construction work, and 2,500 permanent positions once the property opens. In total, SLS Las Vegas is expected to infuse $400 million into the local economy. The EB-5 capital raised by American Dream Fund was a critical piece of the financing structure for the construction of SLS Las Vegas. The utility far exceeded our expectations as it enabled us to pay down the senior note on the property to keep development moving.
SBE Entertainment CEO Sam Nazarian , Developer
The Northwest Innovation Resource Center’s partnership with the Whatcom Opportunities Regional Center has been a tremendous boost for Whatcom County. As a direct result of over $34 million in EB-5- funded investments into retirement communities, over 800 direct or indirect jobs have been created since 2010.
Diane Kamionka, Executive Director, NWIRC