IIUSA Investor Markets Webpage Updated with New Data, Analyses, and Resources!

IIUSA is excited to present the new EB-5 investor markets webpage featuring an updated interactive map, EB-5 investor markets analyses, and other state of the art resources, helping you to gain insightful market insights and grow your EB-5 network strategically around the globe.

Updated EB-5 Investment Inflows Interactive Map

Investor Market Map 1

Using the filing statistics for I-526 petitions that IIUSA obtained from U.S. Citizenships and Immigration Services (USCIS), the updated interactive map illustrates the capital investment inflows from each EB-5 investor market in federal fiscal year (FY) 2017. The map not only presents the importance of these markets in contributing to EB-5 investment but also visualizes the origins of America’s new job creators investing in the U.S. via the EB-5 Program.

IIUSA’s Quantitative Analyses on EB-5 Investor Markets Trends 

Investor Market Map 2

The new webpage also features IIUSA’s quantitative reviews on EB-5 investor markets statistics, analyzing the trends and opportunities in various EB-5 markets between FY2015 and FY2017. Based on IIUSA’s comprehensive data library, these analyses highlight the most important investor markets in raising foreign direct investment around the globe through the EB-5 Program, Additionally, they highlight the growth potential in emerging markets, helping the EB-5 community identify new opportunities.

Comprehensive Datasets and Business Development Opportunities  

Investor Market Map 3

Lastly, the new investor markets webpage also includes ample resources that IIUSA has developed to help you grow your EB-5 international network strategically. IIUSA’s premium datasets on EB-5 investor markets allow you to crunch the data and further develop your cutting edge insights about the markets around the world.

Beyond data, the IIUSA Global Banquet Series is IIUSA’s cornerstone international event promoting industry development and education around the globe. For the past three years, our banquets have connected leading EB-5 professionals from around the world for an evening of networking, business development, and expert-led presentations in various important EB-5 investor markets. Explore where we are heading next!


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