Data Report: EB-5 Processing Times Monthly Update for February 2021

Based on data from USCIS, IIUSA’s latest EB-5 processing time report (full report here) illustrates the current wait times for adjudicating I-526 petitions, I-829 petitions and I-924 applications.


Starting in March 2018, USCIS updated its webpage to start reporting processing times in a range. The following processing times for Form I-526, Form I-829 and Form I-924 are reported as a range between the low end (representing the time it takes to complete 50% of cases) and the high end (indicating the time to complete 93% of cases) as of March 1, 2021:

Form I-526 processing time: 31 – 48 months for petitioners not from mainland China.

  • Currently, USCIS prioritizes Form I-526 adjudications based on EB-5 visa availability in accordance with Chart B (Dates For FIling) on the monthly Visa Bulletin. That is, I-526 petitioners from non-backlogged countries (all countries except for mainland China) now enjoy a faster processing for their I-526 cases. 
  • The current processing time indicates that 50% of the I-526 petitions filed by an investor not from mainland China were processed within 31 months while 93% of these cases were adjudicated within 48 months. 

Form I-526 processing time: 58.5 – 78 months for petitioners from mainland China.

  • The I-526 processing times for Chinese investors continued to increase because there has been no movement for China EB-5 cut-off dates on the monthly Visa Bulletin since October 2020. 

Form I-829 processing time: 35.5 – 55 months.

  • As of March 1, 2021, 50% of the I-829 petitioners received their adjudication within 35.5 months, increased by 31.5% from the end of January 2021 when the low end of the I-829 processing time was 27 months. 

Form I-924 processing time: 49.5 – 50 months.

  • USCIS estimates that the current regular processing time for Form I-924, including an initial designation or an amendment to a Regional Center, was approximately 50 months. 


All EB-5 processing times information in one place

IIUSA is excited to launch this interactive data dashboard featuring the latest processing time ranges and historical processing time trends for I-526 petitions, I-829 petitions and I924 applications.

This free resource, available on IIUSA’s website, saves your time by aggregating pertinent processing time statistics across the USCIS website and displaying them all at one place.

Add this new interactive EB-5 Processing Times Data Dashboard to your bookmark and stay up-to-date with the key statistics that are the most relevant to EB-5 investors and regional center operators.


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