IIUSA 2019 Mid-Year Legislative & Association Update


On Tuesday, August 27, IIUSA provided EB-5 stakeholders a webinar to review the state of the association and EB-5 advocacy at this midpoint of 2019.

Attendees heard from leaders and staff within IIUSA about the state of the association and the legislative progress to secure long-term reauthorization and reform to the EB-5 Program. They also heard about the finalized EB-5 regulations and the projected impact on the future of EB-5.

With less than 35 days until the September 30th sunset date and 86 days until the regulations go into effect (from the date of the webinar), it is a critical time for the industry and as your trade association, we think it is important that everyone is up to speed on the state of government affairs as it relates to EB-5. Equally as important is that members are informed about the stability and health of the association itself.

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