EB-5 Basics Module – RIA Update



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IIUSA’s EB-5 Basics Module will take students through four sections of introductory EB-5 information with a multiple choice quiz at the end of each section. The student must pass the quiz with an 80% grade before he/she can move on to the next section.

The intended “students” of the course are new employees at IIUSA member organizations as well as non-members and government employees who may be new to EB-5 and seeking a crash course on EB-5 basics. The module will to help member organizations and other stakeholders to quickly onboard new hires or get other employees up to speed quickly

The module covers EB-5 history, terminology and acronyms, economics and EB-5, regional center operations, the immigration process and more. The course is designed to neatly package up all of that information into one place for quick and easy digestion, bringing the user up to speed on the basics in as little as an hour!

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