Bringing EB-5 to Life

The EB-5 Regional Center Program (“EB-5”) facilitates foreign direct investment in projects that meet the job creation and economic development requirements and goals of designated geographic areas. Videos below illustrate real stories of projects that have utilized EB-5 investments to create American jobs in diverse communities across the U.S. — all at no cost to the taxpayer.

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ISA Northeast Region map - resized


EB-5 investments have been utilized to support a variety of job creation projects in Northeastern U.S.

A few examples of projects supported by EB-5 include: the upgrade of the port of Baltimore’s Seagirt Marine Terminal that makes Baltimore one of only two ports on the east coast able to accommodate the increased traffic of larger ships and shipping containers traveling to the U.S. after the Panama Canal expansion; the construction of Barclays Center Arena (the first new sports and entertainment arena to be built in New York City in over 40 years); the expansion of the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA to nearly double its original size; the development of a medical campus in Buffalo, NY; a series of infrastructure improvements in Brooklyn, NY; the construction of the flagship store of the outdoor retailer REI in Washington, D.C.; and more.

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ISA MidWest Region map


A variety of projects located in the Midwest region of the country have utilized the EB-5 Program to facilitate the financing they needed to create jobs and promote economic development in local communities.

For example, EB-5 supported job-creating projects like the revitalization of Cleveland’s riverfront into a bustling urban center – bringing business back to the area and influencing development in surrounding areas; the construction of the Global Water Center in Milwaukee that houses twenty-five organizations, academic programs, multinational corporations, and startup businesses; the development of an ethanol bio refinery in Spiritwood, ND, that not only stimulates the economy for the local corn growers but also provides a source of clean energy.

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ISA South Region map - resized


EB-5 Program has been utilized to support local economic development in the Southern region of U.S. as well.

Job-creating projects that are funded by EB-5 investments in this region include (but are not limited to) the revitalization of the Cedars neighborhood of Dallas, TX – a largely neglected area that formerly had a poverty rate of over 40%, high unemployment and a family income of less than half of the area’s median income; the construction of a senior living facility in Jasper, FL; the development of an express inter-city passenger rail service running 235 miles between Miami and Orlando, FL; and a steel plant in rural Arkansas that is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced economic development projects in Arkansas history one it is completed.

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ISA West Region map - resized


EB-5 financing has supported American jobs in the Western region of U.S. through various economic development projects.

Some examples of EB-5 use in the West include: The redevelopment of San Francisco’s southeast waterfront to transform the long-dormant Hunters Point Naval Shipyard into a vibrant master-planned community. In addition, the EB-5 Program also helped fund the construction of the Odyssey preparatory charter school in Buckeye, AZ, as well as the development of a solar energy plant in Nye, NV, that is the first utility-scale facility in the world to feature advanced molten salt power storage technology; the construction of the new campus of the University of Hawaii West Oahu in West Oahu, HI, which has served over 7,600 students and 1,000 faculty and staff each year; the expansion of a healthcare facility in Long Beach, CA; and more.

Watch the videos on the left to explore the projects that are supported by EB-5 financing in America’s West.

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