Wealth-X Publishes 2015-2016 World Ultra Wealth Report

10.05.16 | Archived

WealthWealth-X, the leading global wealth information and insight business, published its World Ultra Wealth Report 2015-2016, which includes a detailed analysis of the 212,615 individuals in the world who qualify as ultra high net worth (US$30 million or more in net assets).

The fourth edition of report on the world’s ultra wealthy population focuses on the geographies, lifestyles, social networks, philanthropic behaviors, motivations and legacies of these individuals

From the Report: 

“Although the overall size of the billionaire population is small, the impact of billionaires on the global economy is significant. In 2015, billionaires’ representation of the ultra high net worth (UHNW) population increased by just over 1%, however their wealth representation increased by nearly 5%; billionaires’ wealth accounts for an ever larger share of the world’s UHNW individuals. In 2015, the billionaire population grew by 6.4% to reach 2,473 – a record. The combined wealth of the world’s billionaires increased by 5.4% to US$7.7 trillion, also a record. When we compare billionaires’ wealth to equity market capitalisations, it would trail only the New York Stock Exchange (US$17 trillion), and only the United States (US$17.9 trillion) and China (US$11.0 trillion) when comparing to gross domestic product (GDP).” 

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