Throwback Thursday: “SEO, Content Marketing, and Technology in EB-5”

The below article was originally published in the October 2017 edition of the IIUSA Regional Center Businesses Journal

By: Richard Kristof, CEO, Investor Services Company of America; Marie Steel, Lead Web Guru, Investor Services Company of America

These days, a high-quality, responsive website is not just an additional way to drive web traffic but the bare minimum needed to stay competitive. Today’s websites need to offer unique and compelling content, delivered consistently in an easy-to-read format, and they need to stand out from the crowd of other sites doing the same thing. That is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO), combined with a user-friendly site experience, can help companies direct the right traffic to their sites, find the right audience for their content, and convert that audience into leads and investors.

What is SEO? The short answer: it is a way of building your site’s content to ensure that when your target audience searches for relevant topics on the leading search engines, your site shows up in the top results.

How do you optimize your site? That is a bit more complicated. Imagine SEO as a game of football, only the end zone keeps moving around on the field. Today, your site may show up as the number one result for “Regional Centers in Sacramento”; tomorrow, you may be on the second page. Google and other search engines keep changing the algorithms they use, and do not release the full details of these changes. Search engine optimizers spend countless hours studying analytics and comparing search results to learn what SEO techniques work, what has stopped working, and what actions could actually penalize your site.\



It’s Not too Late to Submit an Advertisement for the Next Edition of the Regional Center Business Journal!

This fall IIUSA will be going to print on the next edition of its Regional Center Business Journal. With recent changes announced for the EB-5 Program, this edition will be of critical importance as the industry looks to its leader in EB-5 education for timely insights and guidance.

This important publication will be distributed both digitally and in-person at IIUSAs upcoming EB-5 Industry Forum in Seattle. Placing your advertisement is an excellent way to highlight your services to the hundreds of industry stakeholders attending the Industry Forum as well as our thousands of digital readers. With our print deadline fast approaching all advertisements are due no later than September 15.

Any questions on advertising opportunities (or the EB-5 Industry Forum) can be directed to IIUSA Director of Events & Business Development, Mckenzie Penton, at


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