RCBJ Retrospective: Optimize Your EB-5 Operations with Tech Tools & Data

07.14.16 | Archived

Lee LiIIUSA Member Resources: Optimize Your EB-5 Operations with Tech Tools & Data

by Lee Li, IIUSA Policy Analyst 

A key operational priority for IIUSA is to maintain a comprehensive library of up-to-date intelligence to ensure our membership, and the public at-large, remain focused on the “big-picture” elements affecting the EB-5 industry. Moreover, IIUSA continues to make searching and utilizing its technology tools easier and more accessible, thus empowering EB-5 stakeholders to better utilize the Program.

Over the years, IIUSA has developed a wide variety of tools and to help its members maximize their business’ EB-5 know-how. Since the creation of the Technology Committee in 2014, IIUSA has devoted significant “sweat equity” into developing its new website (iiusa.org), online Member Portal, interactive EB-5 maps, a digital data dashboard display of EB-5 data, the “EB-5 on the Go” mobile app – and other key technology tools.

Stay Informed on the Latest Industry Trends

EB-5 Program statistics are made available to the public by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Department of State (DOS) on a quarterly and annually basis. Since IIUSA keeps track of and analyzes all EB-5 Program data, members can rest assured that insights into the latest investor markets and policy trends will be at the fingertips at all times.

1-2We recommend bookmarking the EB-5 Statistics page (iiusa.org/us/eb5stats) (1) and the EB-5 Industry Data Library (2) at the Resources Center within the Member Portal to track all EB-5 Program statistics, including in-depth data reports on I-526/829/924 statistics, processing times, monthly-updated Visa Bulletin, EB-5 visa usage charts, and more.

In addition, IIUSA’s EB-5 online Data Dashboard (iiusa.org/us/datadashboard) (3) consolidates notable industry data points into a single page for you to review, share, and even embed into your own website.

Lastly, IIUSA’s Investor Origin Map (4) launched in 2016 giving users a unique visualization of EB-5 investor market growth from 1992 to 2014. This map will be updated each year when new data becomes available.4


Expanding Your Business Connections

IIUSA fosters a sense of community among our wide variety of EB-5 professionals, ranging from Regional Centers/developers, immigration/securities attorneys, economists, intermediaries and others. IIUSA technology tools help our members better identify and connect with EB-5 professional that can benefit their business.

The IIUSA Member Directory (member.iiusa.org/directory), (5) locate within the Member Portal, consists of over all 500+ member organizations, including contact information for 1,200+ EB-5 professionals. We make it easy to search the entire IIUSA member database by location and/or industry and advanced filters to locate potential partners by the approved geography and industry.


6-7-8EB-5 Advocacy: We are All in this Together9-10-11

IIUSA has been at the forefront of providing EB-5 professionals the advocacy and public affairs tools to help promote local economic development and push forth the Program in a positive light. Using the Advocacy Toolkit,(6) you will find a repository of EB-5 legislative proposals, written testimonies of EB-5 congressional hearings, reports conducted by third-party research institutions, national resolutions in support of EB-5 and all other documents, templates, tools to assist with your advocacy efforts.

Also, IIUSA’s Legislative Action Center (iiusa.org/us/legislative-action-center/) (7) features key issues about industry consensus policy positions on EB-5 from which you can also contact your congressional representative(s) and make your voice heard.

IIUSA’s Public Relations Committee cultivates a Media Toolkit (iiusa.org/us/media-toolkit/) (8) for our members to streamline the public dissemination of their EB-5 business. Resources include sample press release templates, project tombstone templates, slides template to present your EB-5 project, as well as the best practices on working with media and placing stories.

Sharing EB-5 Knowledge with your colleagues and partners

At the EB-5 101 (9) and the Webinar/Conference Library (10) in the resource center of IIUSA’s member portal, you will find a variety of educational resources including reports, fact sheets, presentations slides and more for you to bring your new staff members up to speed on the fundamental concepts and key terms in the Program.

The EB-5 Media Coverage section (11) within the Member Portal bring you a curated list of news articles written about the EB-5 Program. This up-to-date list is a reminder that EB-5 is a catalyst for economic development, all around the country.

Interested in attending events? (12) Look no further than the EB-5 Industry Event Calendar on IIUSA.org, featuring domestic and international events, USCIS stakeholder engagements, other industry educational seminars/webinars, trade missions, and more.




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