Now Available! IIUSA’s “How To” Course for EB-5 Grassroots Advocacy

In April, IIUSA hosted a webinar about grassroots advocacy and conducting meetings with elected officials. The webinar was intended to demystify congressional meetings, whether on Capitol Hill or in a state/district office, and give participants  the tools they need to succeed at being an engaged advocate for EB-5.

The webinar is now available in IIUSA’s catalogue of EB-5 education courses at IIUSA members are entitled to a 75% off the list price. Simply email for the coupon code or find it in the member portal here.

If you are looking to tell your EB-5 story and be a part of the movement to achieve long-term reauthorization of the Program, but are not sure how or where to get started, this course is perfect for you. Hosted by two seasoned government and public affairs professionals, you will learn the basics of how Congress works, how to request a meeting, what to expect at the meeting, and what to bring and say.

Don’t forget, we also have an excellent EB-5 Basics Module which gives learners a substantive crash course and corresponding quizzes to test their knowledge. This is a great resource for new hires or newcomers to the industry.

Access the course in IIUSA’s education platform

Want to Learn More About Effective EB-5 Advocacy?

May 5-7 IIUSA will be hosting its 12th Annual EB-5 Advocacy Conference bringing together EB-5 indsutry leaders for 3 days of networking, education, business development and yes Advocacy! Limited space is remaining, register here.


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