For 12 years the IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference has been the one and only EB-5 industry conference focused on championing the virtues and achievements of the Program to Capitol Hill.

In 2018, IIUSA was proud to launch the Industry Achievement Banquet to highlight program contributions and member success across the country.

Awards for Economic Advancement

SAVE THE DATE:  MAY 5-7, 2019

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2019 Awards for Economic Advancement

Last year, IIUSA was thrilled to recognize industry leaders at the Inaugural EB-5 Industry Achievement Banquet and we are excited to announce that nominations for this year’s Awards for Economic Advancement are now being accepted!

Nominate a peer or colleague for their contribution to the EB-5 industry for any of the awards listed below.

Anyone can be nominated; however, self-nominations are not permitted.

  • Nominations will remain open until March 1, 2019 with nominees announced in mid-March.
  • Voting for award winners will take place later in the spring.
  • Award winners will also be recognized at an exclusive Congressional Breakfast on Capitol Hill the following morning on Monday, May 6.

U.S. Champion

Regional Centers rely on many partners and service providers to achieve success. This award recognizes a domestic service provider which is a catalytic collaborator within the EB-5 Regional Center Program. The nominee does not have to be IIUSA member.

International Champion

Foreign partners are critical to EB-5 industry success. This award recognizes a foreign migration agency, overseas representative, or other international partner who is working in their country as an ambassador and champion for the EB-5 program. The nominee must be an IIUSA member.

Emerging Champion

Newcomers to the EB-5 industry help assure new ideas, fresh perspectives and ultimately drive the industry forward. This award recognizes an EB-5 industry newcomer (within the past three years) whose innovation and passion are representative of where the EB-5 industry is heading. The nominee must be an IIUSA member.


The EB-5 industry is constantly changing. This award recognizes a member business that’s driving a new trend in EB-5 industry, forging unique partnerships, creating innovative project ideas, and is setting new trends within the industry. The nominee must be an IIUSA member.

Economic Impact

The EB-5 program facilitates economic development. This award recognizes the regional center who has had an exceptional impact on all aspects of economic growth, including impacts in infrastructure, technology, talent, capital, or sustainability. This awardee is working to solve regional challenges through dynamic projects and solutions. Urban and rural centers can have significant impact on their respective regions, and, therefore impact should be considered based on the impacts realized on the regions served. IIUSA will select one winner, one urban honorable mention, and one rural honorable mention. The nominee must be an IIUSA member.

Regional Center of the Year

Regional Centers are the cornerstone of the EB-5 Industry. This award recognizes a member Regional Center who has demonstrated excellence as it relates to the core values of IIUSA: collaboration, ethics, and strategic thinking. This Regional Center has served as a leader and example for all Regional Centers throughout the past year. IIUSA will select one winner, one urban honorable mention, one rural honorable mention. The nominee must be an IIUSA member.

Lifetime Achievement

There are many who are dedicated to the EB-5 Industry. Annually, IIUSA will accept nominations and consider recognizing an individual with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Nominees should be true champions of EB-5 who have dedicated many years of service to the positive advancement of IIUSA and the industry. Nominations accepted annually; however, not necessarily awarded annually. The nominee must be an IIUSA member.

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