Nominations Slate Announced for 2023 IIUSA Board of Directors Elections

05.02.23 | Membership

It is the distinct honor of IIUSA’s Nominations Committee to present the recommended nominees for the 2023 IIUSA Board of Directors elections. As the industry moves forward in the new era of EB-5, it is imperative that the association is represented at its highest level by true leaders.

The Nominations Committee carefully considered all nominations put forth after a general call to the membership. The recommended candidates have demonstrated commitment to, engagement with, and support of IIUSA as well as ethical business practices in line with IIUSA’s Code of Conduct.  Details about the election and information about the nominees are provided below. We invite you to participate in the election and we appreciate your engagement with IIUSA.


The IIUSA Nominations Committee

Dave Souders (Chair) | IIUSA Director; IIUSA Leadership Circle; IIUSA Best Practices Committee | Managing Partner, Todd Associates
Christine Chen | IIUSA Director; IIUSA Leadership Circle; IIUSA Best Practice Committee | COO, CanAm Enterprises
Darrell Sanders | IIUSA Leadership Circle; IIUSA Membership & Investor Markets Committee | Managing Director of Operations, Golden Gate Global 
Ozzie Torres | IIUSA Leadership Circle; IIUSA Editorial Committee Chair; IIUSA Public Policy Committee | Shareholder, Torres Law

Mike Xenick | IIUSA Leadership Circle; IIUSA Membership & Investor Markets Committee | President & CEO, InvestAmerica

Election Process

The 2023 IIUSA Board of Directors election will take place during IIUSA’s 18th Annual Membership Meeting will take place at 8:00am PT on Monday, May 22 in San Diego, CA prior to the start of the IIUSA EB-5 Industry Forum. All nominees or a proxy will have the opportunity to briefly address the membership about their candidacy. While all IIUSA member organizations are eligible to vote in the election regardless of attendance, there will be no live stream or recording of the meeting.

Each member organization in good standing* will receive information in the coming days for how to cast their electronic vote for the election. Each member organization has a “designated voter” and that person will receive emailed instructions. Voting will open following the conclusion of the membership meeting and members will have until 11:59pm PT on May 22, 2023 to cast their votes.

Each member organization will receive one ballot to cast votes for the two open directorship positions and all three officer positions. Members may cast up to two votes for the same person for each directorship opening, if they choose. The two director nominees with the highest vote counts will fill the open directorship seats. The new directors will be announced in-person on Tuesday, May 23 prior to the start of sessions for the day. Results will also be emailed to the full membership soon thereafter.

*Member organizations more than 30 days past due will be unable to vote until the dues are paid or a payment plan is established.

annual membership meeting agenda


Budget Summary

Nominations Committee Report

Board of Directors Election Speeches

Bylaws Amendment Proposal

Election Process

Closing Remarks


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