Meet the Sponsors of the 2024 EB-5 Industry Forum

05.06.24 | Events

We hope your tickets are booked, bags packed, and meetings scheduled because the 2024 EB-5 Industry Forum is upon us. The annual gathering of the industry’s best and brightest is the highlight of the educational calendar and we are looking forward to welcoming guests from around the world to the Big Peach!

As the event approaches, we wanted to introduce our attendees to this years sponsoring organizations. Additional information on all of our sponsors can be found below and in the conference mobile app. IIUSA events are not possible without the generous support of our members and sponsors. We are grateful to have such an engaged membership and we look forward to delivering a world class educational event.

To help you get started we have compiled the list below of the most important conference resources that we hope will allow our attendees maximize their time with us.



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