IIUSA’s New Mandarin-language Industry Newsletter Sent to EB-5 Stakeholders in China

01.26.15 | Archived

On January 16, IIUSA sent out an industry newsletter (view here) in Mandarin-Chinese to over 50 IIUSA members and 800 individuals based in China as part of a new effort to continue our multi-platform engagement with EB-5 Stakeholders in the Middle Kingdom.

With the help of IIUSA International Membership Subcommittee Chairman Kelvin Ma, IIUSA has translated several important documents including the USCIS May 30, 2013 Policy Memorandum (view here) as well as the 2014 third quarter issue of the Regional Center Business Journal (view here). While the 5/30 memo is only available to IIUSA members, the “RCBJ” is available digitally and future translated issues of the Regional Center Business Journal will be distributed to our members and partners in China and throughout Asia.

The monthly newsletter features several highlighted posts for IIUSA’s WeChat Account, the mobile blogging and communication platform. The January post included articles on FY-2014 visa statistics, IIUSA’s 2015 Webinar Series and the April 12-14 EB-5 Advocacy Conferece in Washington, D.C. To follow IIUSA in real time on WeChat, download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and lookup “IIUSA2005”. Of course, your Chinese language reading skills will be put to the test!


EB-5 Magazine, Mandarin

To read the Chinese language edition of the IIUSA’s 2014 Q3 issue of The Regional Center Business Journal , click above. To learn more about pricing for advertising, contact us at info@iiusa.org


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