IIUSA’s EB-5 Regional Center Industry Year-In Review (2012)

01.03.13 | Archived




2012/12/20: USCIS publishes “Operational Guidance for EB-5 Cases Involving Tenant-Occupancy”

2012/12/14: IIUSA publishes article on potential China quota retrogression by H. Ronald Klasko and Tammy Fox-Isicoff

2012/12/07: IIUSA hosts webinar featuring U.S. Department of State on potential retrogression of EB-5 visas for Chinese applicants

2012/12/06: IIUSA launches interactive map for Regional Center members

2012/12/06: IIUSA Board of Directors Meeting

2012/12/03: USCIS hosts “Conversation with Director Mayorkas,” announcing the EB-5 Program Office creation in DC

2012/11/21: IIUSA participates in North American Immigrant Investor Program panel at the 6th Annual Global Residence & Citizenship Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2012/11/16: IIUSA publishes 2012 USCIS training materials

2012/11/12: IIUSA sends letter to USCIS in follow up to 10/16 EB-5 engagement

2012/11/09: IIUSA hosts webinar on Form I-924A filing strategies

2012/11/02: IIUSA hosts webinar on new OFAC regulations; makes 2012 USCIS EB-5 Training Materials available to members

2012/10/30: IIUSA sponsors EB-5 panel at AUBER 2012 Conference

2012/10/22: OFAC issues revised regulations on EB-5 transactions for Iranian transactions

2012/10/16: USCIS Quarterly EB-5 Engagement

2012/10/15: IIUSA 5th Annual EB-5 Advocacy Conference

2012/10/15: IIUSA publishes “Regional Center Designation Trends” by Lincoln Stone

2012/10/15: IIUSA Board of Directors Meeting

2012/10/03: BEA makes updated RIMS II data available

2012/09/28: President Obama signs S. 3245, re-authorizing the EB-5 Regional Center Program for 3 years through September 2015

2012/09/20: IIUSA comments on Forms I-924 and I-924A to USCIS

2012/09/13: House passes 3 year reauthorization of the EB-5 Regional Center Program on a 412-3 vote

2012/08/21: NASAA warns of EB-5 related scams and advocates thorough due diligence

2012/08/13: IIUSA/CDFA sign strategic partnership

2012/08/02: Senate passes three year reauthorization of EB-5 Regional Center Program with uananimous support via an amended S. 3245

2012/08/01: IIUSA hosts “EB-5 101” panel at CDFA National Summit

2012/07/27: IIUSA sends letter to Congress urging immediate re-authorization of the EB-5 Regional Center Program

2012/07/26: Quarterly EB-5 Engagement with USCIS via teleconf

2012/07/18: USCIS announces intention of creating EB-5 Program Office, lead by a newly created position: “Chief of Immigrant Investor Programs.”

2012/06/28: Canada announces freeze on its immigrant investor program

2012/06/26: USCIS host National Stakeholders Symposium

2012/06/25: CIS Ombudsman publishes annual report, citing EB-5 accomplishments

2012/06/22: USCIS hosts “Conversation with Director Mayorkas” featuring two of the newly hired USCIS economists

2012/06/20: US Conference of Mayors adopts resolution supporting permanent re-authorization of EB-5 Regional Center Program

2012/05/31: IIUSA publishes USCIS-commissioned EB-5 Program evaluation report

2012/05/24: Senators Leahy (D-VT) and Grassley (R-IA) introduce S 3245

2012/05/21: IIUSA launches renewed grassroots advocacy campaign for re-authorization of the EB-5 Regional Center Program

2012/05/14: IIUSA comments on draft Form I-829 to USCIS

2012/05/08: USCIS publishes “tenant occupancy” deference guidance memo

2012/05/01: Quarterly EB-5 Engagement with USCIS at California Service Center

2012/05/01: IIUSA Board of Directors meeting

2012/04/30: State of CA publishes revised TEA policy

2012/04/30: 2nd Annual IIUSA EB-5 International Investment & Economic Development Forum in Laguna Hills, CA – with approximately 400 attendees from around the world

2012/04/30: IIUSA publishes “I-829: What does USCIS Look for?” by Stephen Yale-Loehr and Robert C. Divine

2012/04/29: IIUSA Annual Membership Meeting

2012/04/27: Conversation wtih Director Mayorkas in Washington, DC

2012/04/05: JOBS Act is signed into law

2012/03/23: IIUSA delivers letter to USCIS regarding “tenant occupancy”

2012/03/22: IIUSA publishes EB-5 Visa Report 2005-March2012 using U.S. Department of State data

2012/02/24: IIUSA publishes 2010 USCIS EB-5 Training Materials

2012/02/22: USCIS hosts Entrepreneurs in Residence Summit in Moffett Field, CA

2012/02/17: USCIS issues “tenant occupancy” memo, and begins sending RFEs to affected Regional Center applicants

2012/02/15: House holds hearing on USCIS OIG Report, with Director Mayorkas

2012/01/23: Quarterly EB-5 Engagement, USCIS confirms that an unnamed issue is holding up adjudication of pending Regional Center applications

2012/01/18: IIUSA Board of Director meeting

2012/01/12: Conversation with Director Mayorkas in Washington, DC

2012/01/11: USCIS publishes revised version of EB-5 adjudications memo

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