IIUSA Publishes Event Code of Conduct to Further Enhance Integrity of Association Events

08.17.23 | Events, Membership

Since 2022 the IIUSA EB-5 Passport Series has been the leading educational platform for EB-5 professionals and stakeholders around the world. With events in over 20 cities in 12 countries already under our belts and many more on the horizon, the events have provided an authoritative learning platform for prospective investors and international stakeholders around the globe.

IIUSA as the only membership association for the EB-5 industry takes great pride in the educational content it offers as well as the equitable business development platforms it has developed. To ensure the Passport Series continues its success association staff deemed it appropriate to develop a formal code of conduct for the events. The goal behind the code was to ensure the events maintained their integrity and served their primary function of educating industry stakeholders.

Members of the IIUSA Membership and Investor Markets Committee were tasked with developing the IIUSA Passport Series Code of Conduct which was formally adopted by the association’s board of directors in July of this year. The newly adopted code of conduct governs the behavior of both event sponsors as well as panelists. We are confident that the code of conduct further distinguishes IIUSA events as the main source of EB-5 information and sets our members apart in what is a competitive marketplace.

Among other things sponsors and speakers governed by the code of conduct agree to:

  • Conform to all laws and regulations relating to their profession or business and shall not engage in any conduct involving fraud, deceit, bribery, misrepresentation, or dishonesty; and
  • Not make misleading, deceptive or false statements or claims about their personal, companies’ or projects’ qualifications, experience, or performance.
  • Be respectful of presentation timelines detailed by IIUSA staff to ensure all participants have equal opportunity to speak;
  • Verify all information is factual and up to date prior to presenting it on an event panel;
  • Refrain from self-promotional behavior while participating on panels;
  • Refrain from any behavior or statement that may be deemed as a misrepresentation or obfuscation of the facts as it relates EB-5 Program, investment amounts, returns, or timelines; and
  • Answer all audience questions accurately. If a panelist does not know the answer, avoid any speculation, and let other participant-panelists answer. If the question cannot be answered definitively, or if the answer is not immediately known due to lack of guidance from EB-5 governing agencies inform the audience of any speculative answers



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