IIUSA Needs Your Support in the Year Ahead

Calling all EB-5 Stakeholders…

In the critical year ahead IIUSA needs the industry’s support to ensure we are able to secure a long-term future for the Program. 

At the end of the last Congress, the EB-5 program only received a short-term extension until June 30, 2021. Worse, the program is no longer part of the “must-pass” federal spending measures that -for years- protected our program from expiration. The end of the short-term extension is also a hard deadline. Without a June 30th reauthorization, the program expires.

The above statement is not an attempt at dramatics but rather an honest assessment of the industry’s position. IIUSA is the industry’s only national association negotiating with Congressional leadership to keep an expiration from becoming reality.

To continue our work, IIUSA needs all EB-5 stakeholder’s support. Congress will not provide the program critical improvements, like allocating more visas, until integrity reforms are secured through the reauthorization bill IIUSA is negotiating. With your industry help, we can secure a long-term reauthorization and begin work towards lasting program changes. Without support, our hand is weakened and our valuable job-creating program and livelihoods are at serious risk.

We hope your organization will answer the call and step up to support your trade association in the important year ahead. To discuss membership and the various member benefits please email info@iiusa.org or give us a call at (202) 795-9667. 

Join the Association at a 50% Discounted Introductory Rate 

We know that membership can be a large commitment, especially in times like this. Therefore, IIUSA is continuing its “introductory rate program” allowing any first-time member or organization that has not been a member during the last two years to join at a 50% discounted rate for its first year of membership.

As an added incentive, for a limited time, we are offering new members a complimentary marketing sponsorship for the event of their choice. A $1,250 value! 



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