Agenda Highlights: Unpacking “Local Results” Panels at EB-5 Industry Forum

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IIUSA looks forward to welcoming you to Miami, FL from October 23-25 for the 7th Annual EB-5 Industry Forum. The conference theme this year is Global Connections. Local Results .


Last week, we explored the “Global Connections” portion of our programming. This week, let’s take a sneak peak at the “Local Results” panels that not only highlight the contributions the EB-5 Program brings to local communities, but also navigate the important topics you don’t want to miss.

We hope that you can join us in Miami for this great event!



Highlighting the EB-5 Industry’s Hot Topics on Local Results

RFE Trends: What is USCIS Focused on in EB-5 Investor & Project Adjudications

Industry intel says that requests for evidence (RFE) for EB-5 petitions and applications have increased dramatically recently. This panel will look at the reasons for these RFEs, what information USCIS is requesting and analyze what this means for the way USCIS is adjudicating EB-5 petitions and applications in order to help your project or client complete the most comprehensive petition/application.


EB-5 Project Due Diligence: A Growing List of Material Considerations Any Reasonable Investor Would Want to Know

Conducting thorough due diligence before any investment is a must, but what does that involve? Look at different areas of EB-5 investments and what kind of due diligence (and resource to do so) should be performed by investors and their representatives, including redeployment, business financials, background checks on individuals and businesses, and the immigration process and viability.


Regional Center Best Practices: What are Industry Standards for Key EB-5 Issues & Why?

Take a look at some of EB-5’s top issues and the recommended best practices for addressing them. Upholding uniform standards across the industry ensures we are all operating at the highest level of professional conduct that establishes and preserves the reputation of you, your business and your success in addition to the industry as a whole.


From Jail Time to SEC Actions, Mandamus to Civil Proceedings (and everything in between): EB-5’s Growing Footprint in the U.S. Court System

Over the past several years, cases of EB-5 litigation have increased as activity in the industry has increased. The existence of these court cases means the system is working – law enforcement is taking notice of fraud and abuse and prosecuting the offenders. While this is a good thing for the industry, as it helps to weed out the bad actors, it is important to understand how these cases are influencing policy discussions around reform and long-term reauthorization of the EB-5 Regional Center Program and what it means for the future of the Program.


EB-5 in Miami: Case Studies in Public Private Partnership (P3)

Join local economic development professional and city government officials to learn about how the EB-5 Program has positively impacted Miami and to discuss how public-private partnerships (P3) can best be utilized to maximize the impact of the EB-5 Program for local communities.


How EB-5 Fits into the Political & Policy Puzzle of the 115th Congress

Fresh off another short-term extension, the EB-5 industry is preparing for another sunset date in early December. This panel will provide updates on the state of affairs in Washington, DC as it relates the EB-5 Program as well as provide insight on the possibility of a long-term reauthorization and how it fits into the larger context of immigration policy. This includes policy issue areas (and possible solutions) and analysis of EB-5-related legislation. They will also address any necessary updates on the proposed EB-5 regulatory changes published in the Federal Register earlier this year.


Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Ensuring Your Voice is Heard Loud & Clear by Congress

IIUSA is hard at work as your EB-5 Industry trade association promoting the important economic development being carried out across the country everyday all thanks to EB-5. With that in mind, we have designed this in interactive session to highlight all of the IIUSA EB-5 advocacy resources at your disposal. We hope you will join us for this session and utilize all available resources to add your voice in support of the EB-5 Regional Center Program.


EB-5 Compliance: Are You Ready for Project Site Visits, Regional Center Audits and Investor Interviews?

In 2015, the Immigrant Investor Program Office (IPO) announced it would soon begin implementing Site Visits and Compliance Audits in an effort to improve Program oversight and deter fraud and abuse of the Program. This panel will discuss what the USCIS Site Visits and Compliance Audits are and assess what we have learned from Site Visits that have occurred thus far. It will also discuss what to possibly expect with Compliance Audits once their implementation begins and I-829 interviews for immigrant investors. Panelists will discuss how to prepare your Regional Centers, investors and project sites for all three programs.


Sustainment of Investment: Investor Risks & Potential Market-Based Solutions to the Capital Redeployment Conundrum

As the adjudication and visa backlogs have continued to climb, the issue of redeployment and sustainment of EB-5 investments has become an increasingly hot topic in the industry. This panel will discuss interpretations of the USCIS update to its EB-5 Policy Manual in June 2017 regarding redeployment and sustainment of investment, what it means for the industry and the questions that are left unanswered by this update.


Regional Center Trends in 2017: Terminations More Popular Than Approvals (and Everything Else You Need to Know)

So far in 2017, USCIS has terminated over 70 Regional Centers, accounting for half of all Regional Center terminations since they began issuing them in 2008. USCIS has also terminated more Regional Centers this year than it approved. What does this trend tell us and how can you ensure your Regional Center and projects are fulfilling their obligation for investment and economic stimulation? This panel will also look at examples of failed projects – what went wrong and why – to help you avoid similar failure.


Future of EB-5: Where will the Industry be in 2020 & Beyond?

Let’s take a look into our crystal ball. Although we don’t have one, we can consider what the industry and its impact will be in the near and distant future. As the Program adjusts to potential legislative or regulatory reform, investor market diversification and an ever-increasing broadening of stakeholders, what does this mean for the future of EB-5?





Stay Tuned! Panel speakers to be announced in the coming days!


Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits are available for legal professionals the EB-5 Industry Forum ( submit here )


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