Get Involved with IIUSA: Join One of Our Committees Today!

06.25.24 | Membership

Get Involved with IIUSA: Join One of Our Committees Today!

IIUSA is embarking on a new committee year and we are excited to invite our members to seize the excellent opportunities available for engagement and contribution to the EB-5 community. We have four dynamic committees that you can join: Best Practices, Editorial, Public Policy, and Membership & Investor Markets.

Why Join an IIUSA Committee?

Becoming a member of an IIUSA committee places you at the forefront of our resource development and outreach efforts. It’s more than just a chance to contribute; it’s an opportunity to shape the future of the EB-5 industry. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Voice Your Ideas: Share your insights and perspectives to help shape the direction of IIUSA initiatives and the broader EB-5 community.
  • Learn from Peers: Collaborate with industry experts and fellow members, gaining valuable knowledge and experiences that can enhance your professional growth.
  • Grow the Industry: Play a vital role in advancing the EB-5 program, promoting best practices, and fostering an environment of transparency and innovation.
Our Committees

Education & Best Practices Committee:
Focused on developing and promoting quality education and recommended best practices for the EB-5 industry in the form of digestible, easy-to-understand resources for both the EB-5 industry and the public at large.

Editorial Committee:
If you have a flair for writing and communication, the Editorial Committee offers a platform to contribute to IIUSA publications, blogs, and other media to bring the most interesting and pertinent topics to light. Members of the Editorial Committee are not just focused on writing themselves, but identifying qualified professionals in the EB-5 space to write on topics that are pressing for the industry and seeing articles from idea through the editorial process to publication. The Editorial Committee is responsible for publishing the bi-annual Regional Center Business Journal, the premier education resource for EB-5 professionals.

Public Policy Committee:
Engage in the crucial work of understanding and shaping public policy the affects EB-5. This committee monitors legislative and regulatory actions that impact the industry and works with IIUSA to advocate for the betterment and sustainability of the EB-5 Program. The ongoing implementation of the RIA and the looming reauthorization in 2027, the committee’s work is more important now than ever.

Membership & Investor Markets Committee:
This committee is tasked with expanding the association’s membership and corresponding benefits while simultaneously growing EB-5 knowledge through education and business development platforms around the world. The committee strives to enhance existing member benefits, develop new benefits, and foster the growth of the worldwide EB-5 community for the benefit of the association and  the industry.

Get Started

Joining an IIUSA committee is a simple yet impactful way to get involved. Whether you’re passionate about advocacy, writing, best practices, or market development, there’s a place for you in one of our committees. To join or learn more, please contact Ashley Casey at

Don’t miss this chance to contribute to the growth and success of the EB-5 industry. We look forward to your participation and seeing the incredible work we can achieve together!




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