Exhibit Space Has Sold Out for EB-5 Industry Forum: Learn About Other Opportunities Today!

06.14.21 | Education, Events, Membership

The IIUSA EB-5 Industry Forum exhibit hall has sold out in record time! We are honored to have the support of many of the industry’s leading organizations and we are excited to get back to in-person events this fall! 

While our exhibit space is now full we have a host of other marketing opportunities still available. You can explore sponsorships in greater detail at the link below and if you would like to discuss opportunities please email mckenzie.penton@iiusa.org or give us a call at (202) 795-9667.



Welcome Back to the EB-5 Industry Honors 

This year’s event will also feature the return of the EB-5 Industry Honors. This is your chance to ensure your colleagues, industry peers, or project partners receive much-deserved credit for all they have done for the EB-5 industry.

Use our nominations form to nominate a colleague or peer for the upcoming EB-5 Industry Honors. Provide as much information as possible for the committee to consider. Please note that each honors category has its own page on the form.

Speak at the Industry’s Premier Event 

Consider submitting our speaking proposal form to volunteer your expertise to a topic germane to the EB-5 industry. Additionally, you can use the form to submit other topics for which you may not feel qualified to speak on, but nonetheless would like included as part of our programming so you can learn more about it.




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