Best Practices

IIUSA Industry Best Practices

IIUSA and its members are committed to ethical business practices and our curated Best Practices documents are recommendations for all those operating in the EB-5 space to consider and heed while conducting business. These documents are reviewed from time to time by the IIUSA Best Practices Committee to be edited and updated as needed. The committee also considers new topic areas in which new Best Practices should be developed as the industry evolves.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct (our “Code”) is our commitment to conduct EB-5 business with high ethical standards. Our commitment goes beyond technical Code interpretation. Where unspecific, our Code’s virtuous spirit prevails. IIUSA members and everyone working on IIUSA’s behalf, including its board of directors, officers, committee members, and employees are bound by our Code. When working with non-members, you should provide our Code and ask that they abide. Our Code is no substitute for sound judgment. When in doubt, ask: (1) Is this consistent with our Code? (2) Would I take responsibility? (3) Is this good for our EB-5 community? Be integrity’s voice. Hold each other accountable.
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