USCIS Adds Protocol Webpage for Processing of EB-5 Petitions, Applications and Stakeholder Communications

09.02.15 | Archived

United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) has recently added a new webpage called “EB-5 Resources” to the EB-5 section of its website. The new page currently has training materials on the EB-5 Protocols, “Ethics and Integrity: Protocols for Processing of EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Petitions and the EB-5 Regional Center Applications, Incduing Stakeholder Communications”, published on April 30, 2015.

These protocols apply to all DHS and USCIS employees and contractors involved in policymaking, evaluation, or review of the EB-5 program or the adjudication of any particular EB-5-related petition or application.

The protocols focus on the guiding principles of EB-5 processing, procedures for leadership intervention in specific EB-5 petition or Regional Center application decision and procedures for stakeholder contact regarding specific EB-5 petitions or applications.

The webpage includes links to the USCIS employee “EB-5 Protocols Training Slideshow” which details:
  • The Purpose of EB-5 Protocols
  • Guiding Principles for EB-5 Processing
  • Procedures for Stakeholder Contacts Regarding Specific Petitions or Applications
  • Leadership Intervention in Specific EB-5 Petition or Regional Center Application Decisions/Adjudications
  • Expediting Requests
  • Reporting a Suspected Violation of EB-5 Protocols, Ethics Rules, or any Statue, Regulation or Policy.
Click Here to View the New Webpage
Click Here to View the EB-5 Protocols




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