Save $100 off IIUSA Membership Dues or Sign Up for a Payment Plan!

11.30.17 | Archived

AutoPAyDid you know that the IIUSA member portal that now allow IIUSA members to manage and view all billing information in one place? Members can now also sign up to receive a $100 discount off all future membership dues payments. All you need to do is sign up for auto-pay through your IIUSA member account.

All information stored in IIUSA’s online accounting system (Freshbooks) is protected from eavesdroppers with 256-bit SSL encryption. Read more about Freshbooks’ security safeguards here.

To sign up for auto-pay:

  1. Sign in to your member portal account (*
  2. On the right side of the screen click “Set Up Autopay”
  3. Enter payment information

Interested in Flexible Payment Options? 

We recognize that membership payments can be a large upfront cost so we are rolling out flexible payment options that enable you to pay your annual membership dues via auto-pay on a monthly or quarterly basis. The monthly and quarterly options incur a 5% and 10% premium respectively however, they also give you and your organization a great deal more financial freedom.

To enroll in a membership subscription, please email

Not Yet A Member? 

We invite you to learn more about the benefits of membership and enroll for annual membership using one of our monthly quarterly or annual auto-pay options.

IIUSA Members are the driving force behind the growth of the EB-5 Regional Center Program, which generates billions of dollars in capital investment and GDP, supports tens of thousands of U.S. jobs, and generates of over a billion dollars in federal/state/local tax revenue on an annual basis – all at no cost to the taxpayer.



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