Report from 7th Annual Henley & Partners Global Residence & Citizenship Conference: EB-5 Program Facing Increasing Competition

12.10.13 | Archived

HenleyA couple of weeks ago, IIUSA Executive Director, Peter D. Joseph, traveled to Miami to speak about the EB-5 Regional Center Program at the 7th Annual Global Residence & Citizenship Conference.  The event featured speakers promoting immigrant investor programs from all over the world that compete with the EB-5 Program for investors.  One thing is clear: there is more competition than there used to be.  Countries like Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Portugal, and Antigua have all recently launched or reformed their existing immigrant investor programs to be more competitive in the marketplace.
Several IIUSA members spoke/exhibited at the event as well: American Dream Fund; CMB Regional Centers; Lennar International; and, Wolfsdorf Immigration Law.  About a dozen other member organizations also attended the conference, making for a strong representation of the EB-5 Program.  Attendees not only saw the “competition” from a more global perspective, they also networked with high net worth advisers of all kinds from around the world.
One last observation from the event, the EB-5 Program continues enjoy the highest volume of immigrant investor capital flows of any country in the world.  The fact that the competition for immigrant investor capital is increasing means we, as an industry, must remain vigilant in maintaining the current top position through collective action to promote a permanent Program with maximum capacity for economic impact.
A big thank you to the Henley & Partners team for the opportunity to participate in this stellar event!


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