Receive Daily Email Updates from “I3 Online” on Basecamp

10.01.13 | Archived


IUSA recommends that you sign up for Basecamp daily progress reports


Want to stay ensure you receive regular updates on what is happening within IIUSA and what resources are being added to the members-only database (IIUSA Industry Intelligence Online – or “I3 Online”)?  

IIUSA recommends that you sign up for daily progress reports, using the following instructions:

  • Click “Me” on top of page
  • Click “My Basecamp settings” on top right of page
  • Select check box next to: “Email me a Daily Recap every morning showing what happened yesterday in all my projects.”

“I3 Online” is IIUSA’s vast online database – available to members-only – of EB-5 related resources, including: government policy documents, media coverage, Regional Center information/statistics, industry reports/analysis, internal archives, and MUCH more.  Those of you serving on committees or leadership can also access group communications in I3 Online.


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