Recapping the 2022 IIUSA Eb-5 Industry Forum!

After a brief (three years!) Covid-induced hiatus the IIUSA EB-5 Industry Forum made its in-person return last week in Orlando, Florida. The event, which came just weeks after the EB-5 Programs reauthorization, was attended by over 30 sponsor organizations, 250+ attendees, and participants from countries around the world.

Event attendees heard from leaders throughout the industry on a host of the industry’s most important topics as well as a keynote speaker from the Hall of Fame Resort who detailed the success of EB-5 in their redevelopment efforts.

During the conference, IIUSA also hosted its 17th Annual Membership Meeting. The meeting was our member’s annual opportunity to hear about the state of the association, the financial report, accomplishments of committees this past year, and other important organizational milestones. The meeting also helped to set the stage for the newly elected board of directors and we were pleased to announce that all three of the association’s Officers were re-elected for the 2022-2023 year. Additionally, we are honored to announce the re-election of three Directors as well the addition of Roberto Contreras IV to the Board. Congratulations to the new and returning members of the Board of Directors.

Of course, the event was not without its hiccups due to an untimely USCIS announcement regarding Regional Center designations. However, the time together in person allowed the industry to delve deeper into the issue and begin to chart a course and response to these challenges. Ultimately the industry is strongest when all of its stakeholders are together and we were pleased to be able to tackle these difficult conversations in real-time.

The event’s success was a testament to the association’s continued strength, the resiliency of the EB-5 community, and the excitement the long-term reauthorization has brought.

We look forward to seeing you at the next IIUSA event. Our upcoming event calendar is here.

Key Post-Event Resources

IIUSA recognizes its regional center, service provider, and migration consultant members who have successfully had a client complete the EB-5 process (that is received an I-829 approval).
Our first I-829 award ceremony since 2019 recognized the success of nearly 40 IIUSA members and will be a great way to kick off an exciting year ahead for the industry!

A packed house! Over 250 industry stakeholders from throughout the U.S. and around the world joined IIUSA for the 12th Annual EB-5 Industry. The turnout makes the event not only one of the first but also the largest in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Anne Graffice, the Vice President of Public Affairs at the Hall of Game Report and Entertainment Company addresses event attendees. EB-5 has been used to finance the recent redevelopment and expansion of the pro football hall of fame in Canton, OH!
IIUSA President Robert Kraft (left), Vice President William Gresser (middle) join IIUSA lobbyist Katie Hazlett from Commonwealth Strategic Partners (right) on an in-depth panel discussion “EB-5 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: WE DID IT! NOW WHAT?” to kick off this year’s Industry Forum.


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