Reach Investors Around the World With A Translated Version of IIUSA’s EB-5 101 Video

IIUSA’s How EB-5 Builds America (EB-5 101) video has thousands of unique views across IIUSA’s various platforms and has proven to be an instrumental tool in educating investors, overseas intermediaries and the general public about the benefits of the EB-5 Regional Center Program and the requirements each investor must satisfy.

Since its publication is mid-2019 the video has been used at IIUSA Global Banquet events across the globe, during investor market webinars and by our members themselves in Program presentations at numerous events.

Recently the video was translated, with the support of two sponsor organizations, into Russian and Japanese. Both markets are rapidly growing and we anticipate the new translated videos will be an invaluable tool for further development there. Of course, those are just two of the many diverse EB-5 markets and we are still looking for other interested organizations to sponsor translations into the languages of the world including (but not limited to) Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korea, and Hindi.

Translation Sponsorship & Branding Opportunities 


Any IIUSA member is eligible to sponsor a translated version of the EB-5 101 video. Sponsors receive their own hardcopy of the video for their use on their website, branding throughout the video, and recognition on IIUSA’.org. Further, for any and all events hosted by IIUSA in the relevant video market, the sponsored version will be used to help educate attendees.

Branding & Licensing 

Interested in a video that has already been created such as the English, Japanese or Russian versions? IIUSA would be happy to create you your own licensed and branded version for your use.

To discuss translation, branding, and pricing please email or call (202) 795-9667.

Thank You to Our Sponsors 









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