Partner Event: ILP Group Immigration by Investment from CIS Countries

01.11.22 | Events

IIUSA international partner, the ILP Group is proud to present its next online conference on immigration and real estate titled “Immigration by investment from CIS to the EU, UK, the USA, and Canada. Acquisition of real estate to support immigration”

You can learn more about the ILP Group here and will find the conference agenda below:

3rd February 2022

10:00 – 19:00 Moscow Time (GMT+3)
Language: Russian

Presentations by international speakers will be translated into Russian simultaneously

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10:00–10:15 Opening Remarks

10:15–10:45 Citizenship by Investment Programs: Recent changes, trends and solutions

10:45–11:15 Available Residency Programs the USA: Advantages and terms

11:15–11:45 Canadian Permanent Resident Visa for Investors

11:45–12:15 Portuguese Golden Visa and Property Investment in Portugal

12:15–12:45 Spanish Golden Visa in the Light of the Pandemic

12:45–13:15 Cyprus Real Estate Market Overview.Facts and figures

13:15–13:30 ILP’s Upcoming Events: Venues, themes, and speakers

13:30–14:00 Malta Citizenship and Immigration Solutions

14:00–14:30 Caribbean CIPs: Best Options in the Market

14:30–15:00 Greek Golden Visa as a Safest Pathway to the EU

15:00–15:30 Real Estate Trends and Opportunities in France

15:30–16:00 Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

16:00–16:30 Topic TBA

16:30–17:00 Benefits of Real Estate Investment in Dubai

17:30–18:00 Swiss Residence Program: Legal and financial requirements

18:00–18:30 Topic TBA

18:30–19:00 Closing Remarks

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