Calling All Authors: Submit an Op-Ed to Highlight How #EB5isWorking in Your Communities

05.22.17 | Archived


As the national membership-based not-for-profit trade association of the EB-5 Regional Center Program, we want to remind our members and industry stakeholders of the important role you can play in promoting your own local success stories to highlight how #EB5isWorking.

IIUSA is currently working with members from across the country to highlight the economic benefit of the EB-5 Program by placing op-eds in local news outlets. If you have a story to tell, please let us know/ Together we can work with you and our public relations consultants to highlight the local benefit of your project on your community.

We have created a host of resources including EB-5 Success Stories, EB-5 Video Vault, Economic Impact Map and EB-5 Statistics and Data all to help you present the EB-5 Program as the powerful economic development and job creating program that it is.

Lastly, all IIUSA members, are always welcome to direct press inquiries to IIUSA’s Public Affairs team at