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Good ethics mean good business. As members of IIUSA, together we build our industry’s reputation – brick by brick – with every business decision we make. Although we act individually in multifarious capacities, our mortar as an EB-5 community is our shared goal – cultivating a culture of professionalism and integrity and holding our respective business practices to the highest standards. In furtherance of this goal and to keep pace with recent integrity-focused developments specific to the EB-5 Regional Center industry, the Compliance Committee will prepare articles under its Integrity Spotlight series examining practical implications of selected provisions of the EB-5 Integrity Act of 2016 (H.R. 4530), introduced in The House of Representatives on February 10, 2016. The Act has a substantial focus on integrity initiatives. Sound ethical practices, compliance with the law, and truthful disclosure are anticipated to be reoccurring themes in the IIUSA Compliance Committee’s Integrity Spotlight series.

The Compliance Committee serves IIUSA in its commitment to promote self-regulation in the EB-5 industry. Enforcement actions in recent years called to the attention of industry participants, regulators, and legislators the need for more focus on compliance and ethics culture. The Integrity Spotlight series is intended to help IIUSA members analyze potential changes to the EB-5 regulatory landscape so they may proactively operate in adherence to IIUSA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct and best utilize the Complaint Process . These resources are designed as guideposts to foster ethical behavior in our industry and to empower stakeholders to play an active role in self-regulation.

IIUSA members, as leaders and decision-makers in the EB-5 industry, are expected to spearhead the movement to meet and exceed the standards by which ethical EB-5 business practices are measured. In an effort to continue developing a compliant and high-integrity atmosphere in the EB-5 community, look for the Compliance Committee’s Integrity Spotlight series in the IIUSA Blog and in future publications of the Regional Center Business Journal.


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