IIUSA’s EB-5 TEA Mapping Tool Reaches Another Milestone! Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available

IIUSA is pleased to report that our EB-5 TEA Mapping Tool has attracted over 302,000 pageviews since we launched this new resource in early 2021! We thank everyone who has used the mapping tool for their support and the tremendous positive feedback. IIUSA will continue to improve the tool while keeping it free and accessible to everyone in the EB-5 community.

(IIUSA EB-5 TEA Mapping Tool)

In particular, since the mapping tool was launched, nearly 110,000 EB-5 stakeholders have utilized this resource to examine TEA qualification when conducting EB-5 project due diligence. International stakeholders including EB-5 investors and overseas migration agents also account for over 46% of the total number of mapping tool users. See the table below for the breakdown of mapping tool usage by location:

You Can Support This Industry Leading Resource

While we are keeping this resource free and accessible to all EB-5 stakeholders, IIUSA is now offering our members sponsorship opportunities for the EB-5 TEA Mapping Tool. Sponsoring this important resource highlights your support and commitment to industry development and grant exposure to your business to hundreds of thousands of active users! The benefits and the prices for sponsoring the mapping tool can be found on the sponsorship rate card here.

If you would like to sponsor this valuable industry resource, please email info@iiusa.org or call us at 202-795-9669.


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