Welcome to Our Newest Members: Expanding IIUSA’s Global Reach and Impact

11.29.23 | Membership

Why Join IIUSA? The Benefits of Expanding Our Membership

The expansion of our membership base, especially with international and global members, brings numerous benefits:

  • Diverse Perspectives: Global members bring unique insights, fostering innovation, and best practices in the EB-5 industry.
  • Broader Network: Membership expansion enhances networking opportunities, allowing for the development of global collaborations and partnerships.
  • Increased Advocacy: A diverse and robust membership strengthens our collective voice in advocating for the industry’s interests and sustainable growth.
  • Educational and Data Resources: Access to a wealth of resources, industry reports, and educational programming, enabling members to stay informed and ahead of market trends.

As IIUSA continues to champion the EB-5 industry, we invite you to join our community of industry leaders committed to excellence, innovation, and ethical practices. Explore our membership benefits in our Membership Brochure and start your journey with us today by completing the IIUSA Membership Application.

Invest in the USA (IIUSA) is excited to extend a warm welcome to our newest members who join us from diverse corners of the globe and various sectors of the EB-5 industry. As we continue to expand our community both domestically and internationally, we are proud to introduce:

Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP

Jonathan Bloch has a diversified legal practice representing high-net-worth individuals, private companies, real estate developers, and finance firms. In his real estate finance and EB-5 practice, Mr. Bloch has negotiated and closed over $1.4 billion dollars in various types of real estate transactions.

A nationally recognized expert in EB-5 financing, Mr. Bloch, in the past several years, has secured more than $800 million for developers in EB-5 financings for commercial and residential projects across the United States. Currently, EB-5 financing is the most competitive real estate financing alternative for large real estate development. Skilled with the complex rules of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, Jonathan is among a handful of recognized leaders in the U.S.

EB5 & Company

EB5 & Company is unique among regional investment centers due to its track record in family office private equity and real estate fund management. EB5 & Company delivers institutional quality EB-5 projects, serving as a fiduciary and delivering a superior client experience.

Our mission is to curate the highest quality projects while maintaining a disciplined approach to risk management – immigration and investment-related risk factors.

Depioneer Holidays India Pvt. Ltd.

Depioneer Holidays India Pvt Ltd. is a company that offers guidance in the fields concerning Travel, holidays, packages, Ticketing, Visa, overseas, settling abroad, working abroad and Traveling overseas. We provide customized services to our clients to guarantee that they have an easy time when moving to a whole new country. peace of mind one destination for all travel solutions.

Kookje Holdings

Kookje is a land asset management and global real estate investment firm focused on pre-development land on the path to growth. 

CL Real Estate Development

CL Real Estate Development strives to be the catalyst that helps communities across the Midwest boost their local economies and get to work making their dreams a reality not only for themselves but for their families. Whether it’s creating new downtown residences, establishing a local craft brewery or restaurant, or restoring a landmark hotel, we aim to help small towns across the Midwest become stronger than ever and contribute to creating new jobs and a quality of life, encouraging more people to stay, build their careers, and raise their families.

Navis Wealth Management

As an independent wealth advisory firm, our commitment is always to act in our clients’ best interest and uphold our fiduciary duty.

Our family office approach allows our clients to benefit from our expertise and services that fit seamlessly to offer solutions that meet your unique needs. We understand that wants and needs along your financial path change, and so we are here to help you discover your trajectory, find your path, determine your future, and leave your legacy.

Shenzhen Honeycomb Immigration Investment Company

Each of these organizations enriches the IIUSA community with their unique expertise, perspectives, and commitment to the EB-5 program. Their presence reflects the global nature of our industry and underscores the importance of international collaboration and diversity in driving growth and innovation.

Get in Touch

To learn more about the benefits of IIUSA membership and how you can be part of our growing global community, contact us by email at quinton.lewis@iiusa.org or by calling (202) 795-9669.


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