IIUSA Statement on HR 1044 – Bill to Remove Per-Country Caps

On February 7, 2019, members of Congress introduced a bill that would remove the per-country caps for U.S. employment-based immigration visas, including the EB-5 category.

IIUSA’s statement regarding the bill reflected the need to address the visa backlog problem and expand the EB-5 program in a comprehensive way. IIUSA, its leadership, and members are deeply concerned about investors’ wait for a dozen years or more in the enormous visa backlog and will continue to strive to remove the backlog.

IIUSA remains concerned that the removal of country caps alone may lead Congress to believe that the visa relief issue has been resolved, in fact, there are necessary additional solutions that will truly help current and future job-creating investors, including an increase in the number of available visas.  IIUSA therefore believes the best path forward for EB-5 investors and their families is real visa capacity relief.

We have been looking and will continue to look for every opportunity, including in the per-country cap bill (HR 1044 and any related bills), to push for visa capacity relief for all EB-5 investors; to create U.S. jobs, and to keep the EB-5 industry viable and vibrant.

Any questions on IIUSA’s policy positions can be directed to advocacy@iiusa.org


IIUSA members can read our full analysis on the impact of removing per-country caps below

EB-5 Immigration and the Per-Country Cap:
Quantitative Impact Analysis of Eliminating the Per-Country Cap on the EB-5 Immigrant Visa Category

per country cap analysis


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