IIUSA Set To Launch Political Action Committee

Invest in the USA (IIUSA) is launching a political action committee (PAC). The IIUSA PAC will become a very useful tool to help the association support federal candidates who the association believes espouse its values; supports the Regional Center program and policy that expands the number of available EB5 visas.

Effective PACs are well funded PACs; however, supporting a PAC is by no means required – by anyone. In fact, to be solicited to contribute to a PAC like IIUSA’s or receive information about the PAC, an association member must give its express written permission. PAC contributions have a maximum, but no minimum.

If you are interested in receiving information about the IIUSA PAC and any of its solicitations to contribute, please download and review this form. Send any questions or concerns to [our executive director, Aaron Grau] and when you are comfortable doing so, fill out and execute the form and return it by following the instructions at the bottom the page.

This is an exciting proactive time for IIUSA and our new PAC is a big reason why!


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