IIUSA Supports More Visas – ILW Gets it Wrong

05.12.20 | Education, Events |

IIUSAIIUSA is happy to see that its industry reach includes the good folks at ILW. We appreciate their reading our blog.

Unfortunately, their direction, as vividly articulated in one of their own recent posts, is misguided and their perception of how public policy can be successfully developed is unclear, to say the least.

When they assert that in a recent IIUSA blog post that IIUSA, the EB-5 trade association, is opposed to more visas, ILW is wrong and disingenuous.

It begs the question of why ILW did not simply call us to ask why we wrote what we wrote. Of course, they did not. Sadly, they made assumptions that will ultimately do much more harm than they ever considered.

IIUSA definitively supports more visas and we have always said so.

However, we are also sophisticated enough to understand the political realities to getting that done. ILW would do well to pay closer attention to reality themselves; perhaps even partnering with IIUSA or at least giving us a call before confusing their readers, throwing rhetorical bombs, and misleading investors and policy-makers alike.


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