IIUSA REPORT: Latest Form I-526 Petition Data Highlight Increasing Diversification and New Opportunities Among EB-5 Investor Markets Across the Globe

Since the “new” EB-5 regulations came into effect during November 2019 (the first quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2020), the statistics of FY2020 Form I-526 petitions by investor’s country of birth could be the most critical data in recent years to shed light on the latest development of EB-5 investor markets. After obtaining the data from USCIS, IIUSA published this new report highlighting seven (7) emerging trends in the EB-5 investor marketplace.

By analyzing the data, IIUSA found new dynamics among the largest EB-5 markets like India, China, and South Korea, and discovered an increasingly diversified EB-5 investor marketplace in regions around the world outside Asia, including Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

In addition, this data report analyzes how the demand for EB-5 changed across various investor markets before and after the minimum investment amounts increase in the first quarter of FY2020 and shows that investors from different countries have different tolerances for the price increase.

Lastly, this analysis also investigates the latest Form I-526 adjudication trends based on investor’s country of birth, discovering that the approval rate was statistically different among petitioners of different nationalities.


1. A Changing Dynamic Among EB-5 Investor Market Leaders

2. An Increasingly Diversified EB-5 Investor Marketplace

3. EB-5 Investor Markets with Highest Growth

4. Form I-526 Filings by Region Highlighting Investor Market Leaders in Each Continent

5. EB-5 Opportunities Outside Asia

6. Form I-526 Filings Pre vs. Post the Change of Minimum Investment Amounts

7. Form I-526 Approval Rates Vary Significantly Among Investors of Different Countries of Birth

For more insights of the latest EB-5 investor market trends, IIUSA members can get an exclusive access to the full report here.


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