IIUSA Mourns the Loss of Robert Honts, a Leader of the EB-5 Community

12.03.20 | Membership

It is with sadness I share the loss of one of our community’s leaders. IIUSA Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus and Parliamentarian, Bob Honts, passed away last week. Bob’s family will hold a small funeral in the coming days and I am told they hope to hold a broader memorial service perhaps this coming spring. A link to Bob’s obituary is HERE.

After leaving a family friend’s funeral several years ago and listening to several moving eulogies, my father asked me, “How do people find such words? When does one even start writing a eulogy?” It’s a good question. For those who impact us, I believe we begin knowing what’s important and how to share it with others the moment we realize their influence and meaning in our lives, whatever that may be.

I can’t claim to know Bob for many years, but the two in which we spoke (at length!) and worked together, I can say he was dedicated to the good EB-5 does; always looking for ways to make it better. He made me feel welcome from the moment we met and seeing him at any of our events was always a comfort. He appreciated a good laugh and had an uncanny ability to tell a good joke, which always tells you something about a person.

A life-long hunter and sportsman, Bob ended all our conversations with the same upbeat command. “OK, Aaron. Lets go kill something!” I will miss his slow Texas drawl and wish him God Speed.

Respectfully & Sincerely,

Aaron Grau 
Executive Director 


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