IIUSA Needs Your Support to Ensure EB-5s Future

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IIUSA Needs Your Support Ahead of the June 30 EB-5 Reauthorization Deadline

The EB-5 industry must be reauthorized by June 30, 2021. If it is not, the Program will cease to exist.

IIUSA is the EB-5 industry’s only membership association and is working to make sure that does not happen. We are confident that not only will we be able to achieve a reauthorization, but that we will be able to reposition the industry for long-term success.

However, in order to achieve those goals, we need the industry’s support. Without it, we will fail and EB-5, and its valuable job creation benefits, will be no more.

We are calling on all EB-5 stakeholders to step up, take action and join today!


Legislative State of Play 

Why Join?

  • Support the association’s efforts to achieve a long-term reform;=
  • Be part of the discussion as the industry looks to new advocacy goals (more visas, derivative relief, TEA reform);
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Program integrity and best practices;
  • Champion ethical and transparent market behavior;
  • Gain access to valuable industry intelligence; and
  • No more sitting on the sidelines. There is no “I will join next year” when “next year” is not promised.

Join Here 

Key Benefits 

  • International marketing and business development opportunities;
  • Access to in-depth data analytics;
  • A seat at the EB-5 legislative table;
  • Opportunity to contribute your expertise to events and publications

Membership Guide 


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