Help IIUSA Grow Our Membership Base and Receive a Cash Rebate for Your Efforts!

09.15.20 | Membership

As part of our recently launched Membership Drive, we are calling on all of our members to help us in our efforts to continue to diversify IIUSA’s membership base in the U.S. and around the world. 

To help incentivize this endeavor, we are pleased to announce our pilot Cash Rebate Program. The program provides existing members with a 15% share of any membership revenue that is generated by member efforts. However, if you would prefer a credit to your IIUSA account rather than a rebate, the total goes up to 20%!

With your help, IIUSA will continue its growth as a powerful advocate for the EB-5 industry and continue to provide leading business development and educational opportunities for our members.

Existing IIUSA members have access to multiple educational, business development, and marketing resources and benefits. Now we are asking you to help spread the word on the value of IIUSA membership amongst your clients and partners. 

How the Rebate Works

To receive the cash rebate, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Review the IIUSA Member Directory
  2. Reach out to your clients and partners not listed there to invite them to join;
  3. Make sure they mention your name when they fill out the membership application;
  4. Or simply introduce them to IIUSA staff by email;
  5. Receive a cash rebate or credit of up to $400 per new member!

What Can You Do With Your Rebate? 

The cash rebate is yours to do with as you see fit but a couple of ideas include:

  1. Apply it to your IIUSA dues;
  2. Use it towards an IIUSA event (registration or sponsorship);
  3. Purchase a Regional Center Business Journal advertisement;
  4. Or simply save it for a rainy day!

Not Yet a Member? Join the Association Today!

You are invited to join the ever-growing and diversifying international IIUSA membership community. Access to the Cash Rebate Program is just one of a host of benefits you would have access to as a member! 

Complete an online membership application today to get started! Don’t forget to mention any IIUSA members who may have influenced your decision to join so they receive their rebate! 



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