IIUSA Members: Help Your Association Grow

09.21.22 | Archived

iiusa committee

We are beginning a new era for EB-5 investments. The old law is gone. The new law and its investor protections and integrity measures is in place.

IIUSA played a significant role in securing the new law and then supporting its true intent through a profound settlement agreement with USCIS. We hope all IIUSA members appreciate the role they played in making it all reality and the many business development, educational, and supportive benefits IIUSA provides.

The EB-5 ecosystem, however, is so much bigger and there are many organizations that are not yet members. Some are your clients, partners, or friends and they should be members. With as much as we’ve accomplished and with all IIUSA offers, we are much stronger still representing the full breadth of the ecosystem’s stakeholders. So, we are asking for our member’s help!

Take a moment to review the membership directory. Who is missing? Who do you believe contributes to the EB-5 industry or benefits from EB-5 investments, but is conspicuously absent? If you can encourage even a few of these groups to join IIUSA or simply put them in touch with us, you become eligible for a membership referral credit applicable to any IIUSA event, product, or even membership renewals.

The steps are simple:

  • Review our membership directory
  • Identify key stakeholders that are missing
  • Encourage these groups to join or introduce them to IIUSA directly
  • Receive a referral credit when they join

That’s it. It will go a long way towards ensuring that IIUSA not only continues its growth trajectory but also that the industry has an increasingly strong champion to support its growth and long-term success. Please email info@iiusa.org with any questions or referrals.


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