IIUSA Events Are the Premier Engagements for Business Development and Education – Here’s Why

While technology (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic) has greatly increased the ability of EB-5 projects and service providers to reach potential clients around the globe, it has also resulted in a proliferation of event companies looking to make a quick profit.

Invest in the USA (IIUSA) on the other hand has successfully hosted both virtual and in-person events in the EB-5 space since 2005. More to the point, IIUSA, as the only trade association advocating for the EB-5 Regional Center Program, is the definitive authority on all things EB-5. The association has regular communication with members of Congress, the administration, and the various agencies behind U.S. immigration and investment. Even the most well-intentioned of event organizers cannot speak with the same authority as IIUSA nor marshal industry-leading experts and government officials in the same way.

To that end, we thought it would be beneficial to highlight some of the things that set IIUSA events apart in the hope that you will consider joining us for an event(s) in the year ahead (If you weren’t already planning to do so!)

We Maintain a Network of Like-Minded Organizations Around the World

While IIUSA’s international membership network is always growing, we also know that collaboration with other leading organizations around the world is imperative to the success of our events and the industry at large. To that end, we have formalized partnerships with organizations in many of the industry’s key markets.

In just the past few years we have established and strengthened partnerships with the World Trade Center network, Investment Migration Council, Korean Emigration Association, Taiwan Immigration Consultants Association, PHD Chamber of Commerce, Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce, and many more.

While you do not need to be a rocket scientist to deduce that working with partners can drive significant value for events, you do have to be the right type of organization that not only welcomes partners, but also one that attracts them. IIUSA is the only membership association for U.S. professionals in EB-5. Accordingly, similar organizations in overseas markets (think associations for migration agents or chambers of commerce) naturally look to IIUSA for industry guidance and education.

Our position as an educator, and our non-profit status makes us a much more attractive partner for organizations looking to receive unbiased and good faith information. We are eager to continue building on our recent virtual success with partners around the world as we look ahead to the return of in-person events and our Global Banquet Series.

We Have the Facts – Others Have Conjecture

IIUSA is also the foremost authority on all things data in the EB-5 space. Our data analytics team regularly provides members and the general public alike with economic impact reports, processing trend analyses, TEA mapping tools, investor origin insights and so much more.

The data that IIUSA meticulously compiles and analyzes is not only a valuable resource available for industry stakeholders use on our website, but it also underpins all of the educational content we produce and the events we host. More so than any other group, IIUSA is a repository of EB-5 knowledge, our members are recipients of those insights and our regular events act as a way to convey this information to a broader audience.

Sure, IIUSA’s event panel topics in name will look similar to other events out there. However, IIUSA’s content is backstopped with the cold hard data needed to ensure that the information conveyed is accurate and beneficial. In fact, more often than not, other event hosts are relying on information being generated by IIUSA whether that be investor market data, legislative updates or processing trends. So why not go directly to the source?




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