IIUSA EB-5 Passport Series Wraps in Latin America

03.12.24 | Events

IIUSA EB-5 Passport Series Wraps in Latin America

IIUSA recently wrapped up its initial 2024 Passport Series events in Latin America.  The association and its 20 sponsoring member organizations made four stops in burgeoning South American markets including Bogotá and Barranquilla, Colombia; Lima, Perú; and São Paulo, Brasil.  By all accounts each event was a success, drawing attendees with clear and expressed interest in investing in EB-5 projects.


Bogotá, Colombia

In Bogotá and throughout Latin America, IIUSA worked closely with its AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce) partners to facilitate meaningful educational panels and impactful networking among the city’s most interested emigrant investors.  In Bogotá, the IIUSA event hosted over 60 local attendees and took place at the palatial Metropolitan Club.

Barranquilla, Colombia

In Barranquilla, a coastal Colombian city, the Passport Series event was held at the Dann Carlton Hotel – a centerpiece of the city’s vibrant shopping district.  50 local attendees met with IIUSA members to discuss investment opportunities and were very engaged during the event’s two sessions:  one discussing the immigration aspects of EB-5 and the other addressing the investment elements.

Lima, Perú

Lima, as we all happily learned, is the gastronomic epicenter of Latin America.  Members joining the Passport Series easily found their way to any number of restaurants and over 70 local event attendees found their way to the Hyatt Centric Hotel, the Lima event’s location.  Again, during IIUSA’s educational programming, engaged and interested prospective EB-5 investors asked questions that evidenced their interest and commitment to learning more about the process.

São Paulo, Brasil

Our final stop in São Paulo concluded the successful trip with one more round of networking and meaningful questions and answers about everything from 526 forms, investment timing, the benefits of attaining a green card, and how the regional center system worked vis-à-vis new commercial enterprises and job creating entities.

















As IIUSA continues to soften the Latin American market and strengthen its partnerships with AmCham and other local assets, its members continue to reap the rewards.  Event attendees are becoming more savvy; more interested and the events themselves are becoming better and better run.  If you’ve not attended any of the IIUSA Passport Series events in Latin America or elsewhere around the world, you should!  For more information about the Latin American markets, the IIUSA Passport Series, and how you can be involved, visit iiusa.org and reach out to info@iiusa.org.


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