IIUSA EB-5 Passport Series: A Southeast Asia Success Story

IIUSA EB-5 Passport Series: A Southeast Asia Success Story


As the EB-5 industry continues to thrive globally, the IIUSA Passport Series has become synonymous with the expansion and deepening of investment migration ties across the globe. After a series of impactful events in Latin America, the Invest in the USA (IIUSA) momentum continued to surge in Southeast Asia, further establishing its presence in the region and fortifying connections in both mature and emerging markets. 



Ho Chi Minh City: A Convergence of Passion and Potential

In the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, the EB-5 community witnessed a remarkable turnout. The full-house event at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza was not just about numbers; it was a powerful convergence of passion and potential. Face-to-face interactions here weren’t merely transactional—they were opportunities to build trust, dispel myths, and foster a deeper understanding of the EB-5 investment journey. Local migration agents and EB-5 stakeholders brought forth regional insights, adding immense value to the discussions and decision-making processes of investors.



Hai Phong: Charting New Territory

The Hai Phong event, a gathering marked by the excitement of a new market, brought together forward-thinking professionals from Hai Phong and Hanoi. At the Sheraton Hai Phong, the intimate discussions and personal connections made between industry experts and prospective investors laid the groundwork for future EB-5 success in the region. The direct engagement allowed for tailored advice, ensuring that the unique concerns of each investor were heard and addressed.



Hong Kong: A Sophisticated Embrace

Returning to the long-established EB-5 market of Hong Kong, IIUSA was warmly welcomed. The event was marked by a high level of attendee sophistication, reflecting the mature market’s discerning investors. Partnerships with the Guangdong Entry & Exit Immigration Association and Bonnymuir Group were instrumental, and the recognition of IIUSA International Members in Hong Kong and China underscored the event’s significance, held at the luxurious Kowloon Shangri-La.



Singapore: A New Chapter of Opportunities

Finally, the series culminated in Singapore, at the Carlton Hotel Singapore, where the diversity of attendees, including many Chinese and Indian investors, signaled the opening of a new chapter of opportunities. The direct engagement with stakeholders provided unparalleled access to expert knowledge and personalized guidance. The collaborative atmosphere highlighted the potential for cross-border partnerships and the global nature of EB-5 investments.


The Bedrock of the EB-5 Community

The EB-5 industry is built on the bedrock of relationships and trust. Each event in the IIUSA Passport Series has not just showcased investment opportunities but also reinforced the industry’s commitment to creating a transparent and informative environment. The in-person meetings at these events are vital—they are where trustworthy connections are made, where complex regulations are demystified, and where investors truly begin to envision their futures in the United States.

Looking Ahead to Future Passport Series

The IIUSA Passport Series has sparked significant business growth for our sponsors, granting them direct engagement with key investors and industry leaders in global markets. Looking ahead, we are excited to bring the momentum of the Southeast Asia series to upcoming events in India, Nigeria, and East Asia, including China, South Korea, and Taiwan, where sponsors will continue to find valuable opportunities for expansion and connection. Take a look at our Passport Series Guide for more details on upcoming events and contact info@iiusa.org with any questions.

Welcoming International Stakeholders to IIUSA 

As we continue to bridge markets and facilitate crucial EB-5 industry connections, we invite local stakeholders from traditional and emerging EB-5 markets across the globe to show their support and join IIUSA. Membership with IIUSA is not just an investment in resources and insights; it’s a commitment to excellence, an ethical pledge, and a voice in advocacy for the betterment of EB-5.

Embrace the best industry practices and demonstrate your dedication to excellence by becoming an IIUSA member. Uphold the rigorous standards set by our code of conduct and stand with us as we push for reforms and the long-term reauthorization of the EB-5 Program. As a member, you join a community of professionals committed to mutual growth and the enhancement of the EB-5 industry.

For our international members, we offer reduced dues and complimentary access to IIUSA events, select educational modules, and an IIUSA membership certificate. Additionally, your commitment will be recognized at local events, highlighting your pivotal role in the industry.

Join IIUSA today and be a part of the leading voice in EB-5. Together, we can shape the future of investment immigration with integrity, excellence, and a united purpose. 

For more information on IIUSA membership, review our Membership Brochure or contact us at info@iiusa.org.

A Heartfelt Thanks

Our heartfelt thanks go to our partner, the Bonnymuir Group for their dedicated service in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Singapore and for the crucial role that King Tai and his team played in the success of the series. Their expertise and support have been indispensable in creating such engaging and productive events.

IIUSA would also like to thank our partner in Vietnam, Truely Wonder. Their local knowledge, logistical prowess, and commitment to excellence have significantly contributed to the seamless execution and vibrancy of our events in the region.

Finally, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Executive Chairman Xu and the Guangdong Entry and Exit Immigration Association. Their partnership was instrumental in enriching the series with invaluable insights and fostering meaningful connections throughout the Hong Kong event.

A Special Note of Appreciation

Our series would not have achieved its grand scale without the invaluable support of our sponsors. To review Sponsor collateral, download the Eventee App and search for the IIUSA Passport Series: Southeast Asia.


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