IIUSA Data Report: USCIS Q3 Processing Statistics for I-526 Petitions

IIUSA is pleased to publish our most recent report on I-526 adjudication trends for Q3 FY 2018 (April-June). The report highlights key processing statitics from the last fiscal quarter as well as year-over-year changes. The in-depth analysis focuses on the significant economic contribution EB-5 is making, the impact of the efforts by USCIS to continue to improve its adjudication efficiency and other salient industry data points.

The full report is now available to all IIUSA members through your member portal account and key highlights can be explored below.

Highlights on I-526 Petition Processing

  • Capital Investment: Since FY2008 USCIS has approved 55,108 I-526 petitions which represents $35.6 billion in EB-5 investment since FY2008.
  • Filings: 617 I‐526 petitions were filed in Q3 FY2018, the lowest level in the last eight years.
  • Adjudications: USCIS adjudicated 4,154 I‐526 petitions in Q3 FY2018, the highest level in the EB‐5 Program’s history.
  • Approvals: USCIS approved a total of 4,012 I‐526 petitions in Q3 FY2018, a 5% growth from the last quarter and 56% increase year‐over‐year.
  • Approval rates: Although we have been hearing of an increasing number of I-526 petitioners receiving RFE’s, the average approval rate of I‐526 petitions continued to increase to 97% in Q3.
  • Pending: As a result if declines in I‐526 filings and growth in I‐526 adjudications, the number of I‐526 petitions pending with USCIS as of the end of Q3 FY2018 substantially decreased by 24% from Q2 to 17,126, the lowest level in the last three years.
  • Historical Perspective: Q3 FY2018 was the first quarter in the last five years when the number of year‐to‐date I‐526 adjudications surpassed the number of year‐to‐date I‐526 filings, by a lot. The impact of backlog is very real.


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