Fall 2021 Regional Center Business Journal Available Now!

IIUSA is proud to publish the Q3-4 2021 fall edition of the Regional Center Business Journal. At a pivotal and unprecedented time for the Regional Center industry, this edition includes articles on Direct EB-5, removal of conditions, using EB-5 for infrastructure projects, TEAs, and so much more.

This edition is also the conference handbook for the upcoming IIUSA Virtual EB-5 Industry Forum which will run virtually from November 2-11, 2021. Included in the handbook is information on all of our wonderful event sponsors as well as our event schedule and speakers.

As always, we would like to extend a special thank you to the IIUSA Editorial Committee for its tireless work to make the RCBJ possible. Without their keen eyes for detail and proofreading and unparalleled expertise, the Regional Center Business Journal would not be possible. Also, thank you to all of our authors for lending your time and experience to writing articles for the industry’s leading business and education publication.

>>> Advocacy & Government Affairs

How to Pay for Biden’s Infrastructure Bill – At No Cost to U.S. Taxpayers
by Michael Halloran; Group Head of Technology Strategy, JTC Americas

Achieving Industry Consensus: Let’s Start with Grandfathering
by Volunteers of the American Immigrant Investor Alliance

>>> Research & Analysis

Impact of the Lapse of the EB-5 Regional Center Program on Investors, Investment, and Job Creation
by Lee Y. Li; Director of Policy Research & Data Analytics, IIUSA

The Current “State” of TEAs: What was Old is New Again (For Now)
by Michael Kester; Lead Economist, Impact DataSource

The International Entrepreneur Parole Rule
by Darren Silver and Robert Blanco; Partner and Senior Associate Attorney, Darren Silver & Associates

Immigrant Capital Investment and Priority Infrastructure
by Lincoln Stone; Partner, Stone, Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP

And the Compliance Beat Goes On
by Reid Thomas; Chief Revenue Officer & Managing Director, JTC Americas

Advocating Removal of Conditions for Good Faith Investors
by Lincoln Stone; Partner, Stone, Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP

True Success in the EB-5 Green Card Pursuit, Removal of Conditions
by Matthew H. Hogan; Vice President of Project Development, CMB Regional Centers

EB-5 Direct: An Alternative Approach to EB-5 Financing for Regional Centers
by Michael G. Homeier; Principal, Law Office of Michael G. Homeier

Supervising Your Supervisory Broker: Evaluating Your Broker-Dealers Compliance Policies
by Osvaldo F. Torres and R. William Cornelius; Principal and Attorney, Torres Law PA


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